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Benefits of Going Solar

October 25, 2021

The sun is a natural source of energy. It's no secret; solar energy benefits homeowners in numerous ways. Are you thinking of going solar? You are not alone. Many Americans are seeking ways to reduce the rising grid electricity rates. However, you may wonder what the right time to go solar is? If you have not integrated into the solar energy system, the right time is now.

Going solar will save much money you would spend on electricity bills, spend less money on repair and maintenance, enjoy renewable energy sources, and raise your home’s value. The following benefits will help you know why you should consider going solar as soon as possible.

Reduce Your Electric Bills

One of the great benefits of going solar is that it will help save on your electricity bills. You will feel really good by saving the electricity bills you and your family spend every month. So many people spend a lot of money on monthly electricity bills. Going solar panels will save a large amount of money you could have spent on electric bills.

The amount you will save on your energy bills will be determined by the size of your solar system and heat or electricity usage. So, the more solar power you generate in your home, the less energy you will require from the power grid. Therefore, it’s recommended you install an appropriate solar system size and mount the solar panels in one location. Thus you will reduce your electricity costs.

Low Maintenance Costs

Primarily, a solar energy system will not require high maintenance costs. The solar energy system panels are durable and will take several years before they require repair or maintenance, which is an excellent benefit for the homeowners. You will only need to keep it clean by washing off the dust. The cleaning will only take a few intervals annually. If you doubt your cleaning, you may hire a professional cleaning company to clean them. Several companies offer between $25 to $35 per cleaning. The solar system doesn’t have moving parts, so no tear and wear.

The only part which requires replacement is the inverter. This is because it's constantly working to change solar energy into electrical energy. The cables also will require maintenance to ensure the solar power flow efficiently. Therefore, you will only expect a little expenditure on repair and maintenance upon spending on the initial costs.

Earn Great Money on Your Investment

Your local and state government may allow you to save huge money on the solar energy system. For example, many local and state governments have net metering, where they allow your solar energy system to work as a small power source station. The net metering will allow the extra power generated by your system to shunt into the primary grid where another person may use it. So, this will ensure you reduce your power bill and reduce the grid’s load.

For example, you wake up and head to your workplace in the morning and return late evening. During the daytime, your solar system will soak sunlight and turn it into energy your home could have used. Under a normal situation, if you weren’t at your home, the excess power generated would be wasted. But, net metering will ensure the excess power is rerouted to the electric grid. Therefore, by the end month, your electric bill will reduce and also earn income depending on the amount of solar energy generated by your solar system.

Performance Guarantee

Solar installation to your home also ensures guaranteed performance. Most solar system manufacturers and providers provide longer warranties, thus ensuring you receive solar power energy for a lengthy period. Enjoy around 25 years of sun solar power supply. But, you will only enjoy the solar sun performance as long as your solar panel provider exists. Thus, it's essential to choose a reputable power service provider. It's recommended you conduct thorough research to ensure you work with a solar energy industry that has been on the market for a long time.

Easy Installation

Switching to solar power for your home is an easy and simple way. You only need to work with a skilled solar energy expert, and they will install the solar power within a few hours. You may install it anywhere, and you don’t require to purchase a huge home solar energy system which might be expensive. Instead, you may start installing a small-scale solar energy system and add other solar panels later when you have a sufficient budget. Don’t worry, even if you are living in remote areas. The solar energy industry may install solar power systems in remote areas or even places that have never had electricity before.

Enjoy Reliable Energy Source

When you switch to a solar power system, you will no longer depend on the traditional sources of energy which may be unreliable sometimes. Instead, you will generate your electricity via the sun solar panels installed on your house roof. According to the research, about 85% of the electricity generated nowadays comes from non-renewable energy sources like natural gas, oil, and coal. But, these energy sources will be depleted soon.

Alternatively, the solar system will never deplete, provided the sun exists. So, you will enjoy a constant power supply minus energy bills and power outages. In addition, you will have peace of mind as you know the sun is your energy source and will never run out.

Enjoy Incentives and Rebates

The total cost of solar system installation might be reduced by 50% based on your residential area. So, you want to consult your solar expert or installer. The installer will assist you in compiling the requirements to help you reduce the total costs of your solar system. In America, the federal government is in the front line in promoting solar power since it reduces carbon emissions. By switching to solar power, you will enjoy several government incentives. In other countries, by switching to solar, you will obtain rebates as well as tax credits.

Boost your House Resale Value

Saving your electricity bills isn’t the only benefit you will obtain from switching to sun solar power. When you invest in a solar power system, it will increase the property's value if you want to sell it in the future. The solar energy system is considered to boost your house value by tens of thousands of dollars. Is solar power energy essential for most homebuyers? Yes. If you are selling a home with a solar system, the house will attract low electricity costs. So, the solar energy system will increase the worth of any house under sale. Therefore, the solar system will attract many buyers seeking to buy the house. According to researchers, a home with a solar energy system sells twenty percent faster. Solar will also boost the value of your house since they have extensive and effective working life.

Energy Independence

Power outages usually last for hours; several last for days. However, if your roof has a solar system, you keep a battery to store the excess solar energy. In that case, your house will have a continuous flow of electricity no matter any disaster striking your electricity utility. Nowadays, a few homes with solar systems have batteries, but the battery costs have risen over the last years, and that’s why more people are installing solar batteries.

Residential solar panels gained attraction in the 1990s and had a warranty of around ten to fifteen years. Recently, solar batteries have a warrant of between twenty-five and thirty years. However, note, the solar panel’s warranty isn’t the end of the panel. But, it translates that the solar panel will not be as effective as before. Most solar panel industries ensure before the end of the 25 years; the solar panels produce at least 88% of the initial capacity.

Solar System Ensure Flexibility

When you install a solar panel, it will free you from the utility grid giving you more control over your energy generation and consumption. However, when you are grid-tied, it means you don’t have an option for the technology and price used when obtaining the power.

But, if you are a homeowner with your properties equipped with a solar system, you will customize the solar energy power and meet your needs. Again, if your house generates a large amount of energy, you will invest in solar batteries and restore the energy generated at times of low energy consumption. The options are also endless when it comes to options of choosing the quality, price, and type of your solar system.

Solar System Doesn’t Require Extra Space

Are you going to require extra space or a new roof material when going solar? You may install solar panels on almost any type of roof material. So, it prevents the solar installation from occupying valuable land on your house. But, then, it means the solar power system is the most efficient source of energy. In addition, your roof shingles will be protected from elements like debris, snow, and rain.

Diverse Applications (Versatile)

You may use solar energy for diverse functions. For example, you may produce heat or electricity. Solar energy might generate electricity in regions without an energy grid, power satellites, and distill water in areas with no clean water sources. Again you can use solar energy to integrate it with other materials required in construction or building.

A solar power system is a more realistic energy source for people living in remote areas than on the grid. In addition, going solar is a reliable way of living without a grid for the people in regions or countries prone to power blackouts.

Technology Advancement

Solar power industry technology is continuously advancing, and more improvements are witnessed. Innovations in quantum physics and nanotechnology have potentially increased the solar panel effectiveness and will double the electrical input of the solar power systems. Also, the latest advancements in solar energy technology mean solar panels are more efficient and reliable in capturing solar energy. Again, due to technological advancements, you will require little or no energy to operate the solar power system.

Extend Your Roof Lifespan

Installing solar panels on your roof will help you extend the roof’s life span as they protect your roof from elements like debris, snow, and rain. Again, they make your home more energy-efficient during the summer, as hot sun rays don’t beat your roof directly. Instead, the solar panels absorb the sun rays keeping the temperature of your house low. So, extend the lifespan of your roof with solar power panels.

Create More Stable Energy Prices

With the rapid, widespread use of solar energy, the prices of energy will be positively affected. However, solar energy power works at a reasonably low price after making the initial investment. So, this means the costs of energy will stabilize over time. Recently, the initial investment and price for solar power have dropped, and experts report it will keep on reducing.

According to the Union of concerned sciences, renewable energy prices dropped by above 70% between 2010 and 2017. The projections are, the prices will keep on dropping as the solar power energy market matures. Usually, the statistics indicate that installing solar panels at your home comes with economic benefits for your home, community, and even the world when you consider the environmental benefits of solar power.

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