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Whether improving the safety or the efficiency of electrical applications, or installing the clean energy of solar, we feel rewarded on many levels for the successful business we enjoy, and enjoy doing.

As a way for us to share making that extra difference beyond, and yet with, our work for you, a contribution will be made in your name when you choose our services, to one of the dedicated non-profit organizations listed here.

Simply let us know which organization you prefer as you contact us. We respect the work of these organizations, and the integrity they apply to their missions.

Thank You for joining us in support of the Difference they are making!

Michael Meyer
Electrical Operations       

Jayson Fernandes
Solar Operations


We at SSE are long time residents of the North Bay. Like most who live here, we have friends, family, and customers who were directly affected by the October 2017 fire. We are very aware there are many more we don’t know personally who were, are, and will continue to be affected.

It is still a long walk back “home” for many of our community. In the Spirit of #Sonoma Strong, we invite
You to help us help support the continuing efforts of friends and neighbors rebuild their homes, and their lives.

When you engage our services, mention “RESILIENCE”, and SSE INC will donate 1% of your job cost to
The Sonoma County Resilience Fund. This Fund, established by Community Foundation Sonoma County,
Will address Sonoma County’s long-term recovery through grantmaking programs over the next 5 years.

To learn more, visit:

Veterans Resource Centers of America

To be willing to lay down your life for another is at once the greatest love and the greatest courage we know deserves honor in our hearts. Every man and woman who commits to the Service of our land is providing their readiness for us. For many re-acclimating to a world that now looks different than remembered, it can be extremely difficult to navigate. Since 1972 we have been offering a hand up to veterans with serious needs.

To learn more, visit us at:

Marcus Johnson Memorial Foundation

The sense of compassion with genuine, well-wishing empathy for another, is perhaps the highest  point we reach inside our humanity. Marcus Johnson demonstrated that spirit as a boy, and as a just-turning-to young man of 14 years. Before his tragic death in a car accident at 14, Marcus found ways to help other kids in many ways. One way was bringing awareness to adults who could help financially disadvantaged kids participate in sports-who, for the lack of shoes, gloves, and other basics, were left unable to. In honor of his inspiring spirit that touched so many lives, the Marcus Johnson Memorial Foundation was established to carry Marcus' vision forward-to “give all the kids the chance to play”.

Well Trained Horses

Saving Horses, Changing Lives

Well Trained Horses

WTH is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing horses, while offering low cost education to many. These horses have faced neglect, abuse, abandonment or were being sent to slaughter in Mexico. Established in 2008, WTH has rehabilitated and re-homed over 80 horses to date. They provide a sanctuary setting for horses and people who wish to become a part of our rescue community. WTH provides summer camps for children, work with at-risk youth, and give their volunteers the opportunity to learn and work with horses. We are an all-volunteer organization located in Sebastopol.

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