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Solar Energy is becoming a popular option for many home and business owners in California. Installing solar panels is the most common way to convert sunlight into usable energy. Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home or commercial building, and they vary in size and functionality depending on your energy needs.

Understanding each step of transitioning to solar energy is critical to ensuring that you are prepared for the legal and financial aspects of the procedure. Installing solar panels will be easier and faster when you have the guidance of a reliable solar installation company.

When you consult a solar panel installation expert, they will help you choose the right solar panels for your home or business premises. Additionally, the installation company can help you navigate the state permits and explore the incentives for solar panel installation. As you transition to solar energy in Marin, CA, you will benefit from the expert solar installation services we offer at Sun Solar Electric.

Process of Solar Panel Installation

The process of installing solar panels for your home or business premises involves several steps, including:

A Home Visit and Choosing a Design

The first step in installing a solar panel system in your home is a home visit by your Marin solar panel installer. During this visit, the installer will assess the suitability of your home for solar panel installation. After the home visit, you receive quotations on the amount you need for the project. You can then sign a contract and agree on a date to commence the project.

Permits and Approval

After finding a contract with the solar installation company, they will guide you through securing the permits needed for this type of project in California. Permitting takes two to four weeks, depending on the extent of your project. Working with a reputable installer can help speed up the process.

Solar Panel Installation

Once you receive permits to proceed with your project, your installer will start the project, which involves:

  • Attachment of roof anchors. Installing solar panels on your roof helps provide a stable foundation and prevent damage from a storm.
  • Mounting the solar panels. After fixing the roof anchors, your solar installer will place the panels horizontally or vertically across the roof. Before securing the solar panels, your installer will ensure you are satisfied with the angle.


While your solar panel system is being installed, your home will remain connected to the electricity grid. Therefore, you will need permission from your utility company to make the connections. When all these steps are complete, the installer will test the functionality and efficiency of the project.


After your solar installation process is completed, an inspection is necessary to ensure that your system meets the regulations and zoning laws. Although most jurisdictions will require an inspection before and during the installation of the solar panels, your project must undergo a final inspection. If you pass the final inspection, you will be permitted to proceed.


If you have received permission to operate, you can still start using your solar power system to generate electricity. Switching to solar energy requires you to turn on your PV solar breaker switch and plan on being there for a few minutes.

Advantages of Solar Energy

The following are some of the benefits you will accrue from transitioning to solar energy for your home or commercial energy needs:

  • Solar Breaks You Free from the High Cost of Electricity Bills

Society has increased its reliability with electricity. With every flip of a switch to charge your electric car, wash your clothes, or access the internet, you will incur high electricity bills. When you install solar panels for your home, you can create free power from the sun, which is readily available in California. This reduces or eliminates your electricity bill.

If you run a business where electricity is necessary, you can supplement the power with solar. This reduces the budget for power and maximizes your profit, which is the ultimate goal of setting up a business.

  • High Return on Investment

Compared to rival traditional investments, installing a solar panel system guarantees a high return on your investment. This is because the solar system you install today will continue to pay for itself by allowing you to save on electricity bills and yield profit for the next 15-20 years.

You can sell solar electricity to the grid if you are eligible for net metering. Net metering is a tool where excess solar energy from your home or business's solar panels is stored, and you can sell it back to the grid.

  • Environmental Conservation

Solar is a clean source of energy. Solar power generation does not release greenhouse gases that pollute water and air. Additionally, the sun generates this energy, which is not mined from limited land resources. If you want to be part of the journey towards environmental conservation, solar energy is the best way.

  • Boosts Your Energy Independence

With the increased dependence on electricity for home and business activities, the concept of energy independence is important to understand. When you install a solar energy system, your activities will not stop due to a power outage.

  • Solar Installation Increases the Value of Your Home

Studies have shown that properties equipped with a solar energy system are more desirable and valuable. Home buyers prefer a home with a solar energy feature because it saves them money and has a complicated installation process.

Factors That Impact Your Transition to Solar Energy

Whether your reason for solar installation is to minimize your energy bills, reduce electricity, or increase your home value, your transition to solar energy will be impacted by these factors:

Whether or not your Home is Suitable for Solar Panel Installation

One of the factors you must consider as you weigh the viability of solar energy for your home or commercial property is the roof structure of the buildings. Solar panels will need enough space on the roof for support and maximum exposure to sunlight. The space needed for your solar panels will depend on the home's energy needs.

Before installing solar panels, you will need a Marin solar panel installer to inspect your roof. If the existing roof cannot support the weight of the solar panels or does not allow proper sunlight exposure, you may need to replace it.

  • Cost of Solar Panel Installation

For an average residential property, installing solar panels in California costs between $15,000 and $25,000. You will incur different costs during installation, including obtaining state permits, purchasing solar panels, and labor costs. You can compare the cost of installing the solar system in your home against the amount you will save in energy bills to determine the project's viability.

  • The Types of Solar Panels Available

Different types of solar panels are available on the market for you to choose from when you decide to transition to solar energy. The different varieties include movable panels, mounted solar panels, and shingles. Different solar panels vary in energy production, durability, and cost. Therefore, your Marin solar panel installation expert can guide you in choosing the panels that suit your budget and energy needs.

  • Whether Solar Will be a Main or Supplemental Energy Source

If your solar installation aims to supplement electricity, your home will remain connected to the grid to ensure a constant energy supply. However, if you choose to use solar as the only energy source for your home or business, you can disconnect from the city’s electricity grid. If your solar panel system produces more energy than you need for home use, you can sell it back to the grid and receive credit in a process known as net metering.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Marin Solar Panel Installation Company

Solar power has the least negative impact on the environment. Although transitioning to solar energy offers numerous benefits to residential and commercial property owners. However, you must choose the best contractors to ensure a smooth and efficient installation of your solar panels. You must consider these factors when choosing a company for your solar installation project:

Company Location

When shopping for a solar installation expert, you must ensure that they are within your locality. This assures you of their availability when the need arises. In addition to availability, local solar installers are familiar with city and state regulations that apply in the area for solar installation.

If your solar installer has a good relationship with the local inspectors, you can quickly move through the inspection phase and focus on the actual installation of the solar panels. You will have a wide variety of options by performing an online search for ‘Solar Installation Experts Near Me.


The first thing you need to ask when interacting with your Marin solar panel installer for the first time is their certification. Solar installation companies must have the necessary licensing and certification to provide their services in California.

Before a company receives licensing, it must exhibit skill and comply with the safety requirements for the process. Moving forward with a certified solar installer assures you of quality services. Additionally, you will be sure of their compliance with state requirements and standards of practice.

Customer Reviews

You must have different installation companies lined up before you choose the one that meets your requirements. The type of services a particular company offers can significantly influence your decision. You could learn about a company’s services and ethics by finding reviews from customers who have used their services. This will give you an honest experience of another person’s experience.

All clients want to deal with a company with skilled and responsive staff. Therefore, if the reviews about the company do not depict the fulfillment of this need, you should move on to the next installer.


Solar panels are a durable way to tap into the energy of sunlight. Although solar panels may serve you for decades before encountering any problems, a warranty is critical in the event of unexpected difficulties. If a company offers a solid warranty for their services, you are assured of their availability and responsibility to fix the problem. Some of the policies that should be included in a solar installation warranty include equipment, performance assurance, and labor.

Financing Options

The installation of solar panels is a significant project for your residential or commercial property. Therefore, you should seek your services from a company with diverse options. You must be careful of companies attempting to persuade you to adopt solar leases without clearly explaining the lease process and payoffs. Although installing a solar panel system may seem costly, the return on investment is high.

Home Visits and Turnaround Time

A solar installation expert cannot assess your home's suitability for a solar panel system without making home visits. Before giving a solar quote estimate, the Marin solar panel installer must come to your home or commercial property to better understand the home's conditions. The home visit will help the installer note the condition of your roof and determine if it needs replacement before solar panel installation.

While your potential installer may have other projects they could be working on, they should be able to give you a realistic schedule and estimate the number of days needed to complete your project.

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With increased concern about climate change and a push towards using renewable energy. Many residential and commercial property owners have turned to solar for their energy needs. Transitioning from electricity dependence to solar energy involves the installation of solar panels, which help tap energy from sunlight for use at home or on your business premises.

Installing solar panels is a way to participate in environmental conservation while saving money on energy bills. Additionally, transitioning to solar energy can drastically increase your property's value. The process of installing solar panels can be lengthy, and you must follow the right procedures for certification of your project. Therefore, seeking expert services is critical.

Your choice of a solar panel installation company can impact the outcome and success of the project. At Sun Solar Electric, we offer top-notch solar installation services for all our clients seeking to transition to solar energy in Marin, CA. Call us at 707-658-2157 to book an appointment.

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