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As energy prices continue to rise and the world moves towards green energy, residential and commercial property owners are now adopting renewable energy sources. Notably, solar panels have proven effective for individuals and businesses looking to lower their footprint, reduce the cost of energy, and increase independence. Whether your goal is to lower your carbon footprint, lower the cost of utility bills, elevate your energy independence, invest in renewable energy, or increase the value of your property, the leading Inverness solar panel installation service, Sun Solar Electric, can provide you with a reliable and cost-friendly energy solution. 

How Inverness Solar Panels Work

If you plan on installing solar power on your residential or commercial property, it is critical to understand how it works. An Inverness solar panel contains several cells to assist with energy conduction. Each solar cell is trivial in size and assumes a box shape. The cells are made of silicon because it is an excellent semiconductor that captures sunlight and transforms it into electricity.

Therefore, once the light from the sun hits the silicon solar cells, they transmit or conduct energy, establishing a flow. The setup allows the usable electricity produced to travel through a conductor for storage. Once the electricity is stored, you can access it for use.

Nevertheless, it would help if you understood that when the energy is transmitted into storage, it is only accessible as direct current (DC). You cannot use DC for your home or business because the electricity only travels in one direction. The problem with direct current is that it is appropriate for low-voltage equipment. Unfortunately, many home or business appliances are high voltage, meaning your appliances will not run when sourcing your power from solar panels.

So, your Inverness solar energy system must have an inverter to transform the DC into alternating current (AC). With your solar energy system having an inverter, you can transmit power in diverse directions, giving you a high-voltage transmission that enables you to run your high-voltage appliances.

Each solar panel has 32 to 96 cells. Therefore, the panel’s size will determine the number of cells you will have. Furthermore, a standard solar energy system contains approximately ten panels, producing approximately 355 watts per conduction cycle.

Generally, an efficient and faultless solar energy system will produce sufficient electricity to run your appliances. However, you should expect the power supply to reduce on cloudy days because there will not be enough sunlight. During these cloudy days, you should reduce your reliance on solar power until sufficient sunlight is available to ensure high-power transmission.

Installation Process of Inverness Solar Panels

Once you have established that you want to go green by installing a solar energy system, you should contact the best Inverness solar panel experts, Sun Solar Electric. Our solar energy installation professionals will conduct a site survey to evaluate your property’s roof to determine if it is in good shape and which side the panels should face for optimum sunlight.

The best roof for solar panels is metal, as it contains seams you can drill into to attach the panels. Again, a composite roof is suitable for your project. However, we will not recommend an installation if you have a tile roof because installing the energy system will damage the waterproof barrier below the tiles. We do not recommend wooden roofs for the project either. If your roof is unfit for installation, we can install a ground-mounted solar panel.

Another crucial consideration, apart from the kind of roof, is durability. A solar energy system lasts approximately forty years. Therefore, your roof must last longer than this period; otherwise, you will be forced to uninstall the system to replace the roof and reinstall it, digging deeper into your pockets. If your roof is unfit, you should perform renovations and installations simultaneously.

After the site survey to review your roof’s suitability for the project, the next phase of the fitting process is the cost evaluation and proposal. If you have decided to use solar energy, we will prepare a proposal detailing the work needed to complete the project and the cost. Our proposals typically come with financing choices and enticements to help you estimate when to expect a return on investment.

We will begin the paperwork if you are happy with our proposal and satisfied that it will help you achieve your sustainable energy goals. Solar energy installation for a residential or business building is a massive project requiring the local authority's approval. Therefore, our experts will apply for a building permit depending on the kind of property and expected work. Besides, California offers many incentives and financing options to make the project affordable. We will apply for all these on your behalf and speed up the application process to ensure we begin the project on time.

Once the paperwork is complete, we will begin the installation project, which takes one to three days. The first step in the installation is to mount the frame that will anchor the panels. Our solar energy installation experts do this by drilling the frame into the roof.

The next step is fitting the panels into the frame and positioning them at angles that ensure they receive maximum sunlight.

Afterward, electrical wiring links solar energy to your property’s power system and appliances. Placing new electrical wiring in the house will affect the aesthetics, so we usually link the installation to the existing power system. Linking the two systems takes, at most, an hour.

Once the electrical wiring is in place, the inverter is placed, which converts DC to IC. You need experienced professionals for this wiring phase because your appliances will only function efficiently if the inverter is installed appropriately.

Solar cells transmit a lot of electricity during sunny days, so you need solar batteries to store the extra power. The power batteries guarantee that the extra electricity produced is not wasted. We install the inverter and power batteries to promote the efficiency of solar energy.

Finally, your Inverness solar panel professional will ensure a direct current flow by linking the inverter and batteries to your consumption line. Once this is done, your solar energy system will be ready for use, and you can begin testing to see if it runs smoothly. We will test for you to ensure the energy produced meets your expectations. And when the power is insufficient, we can reposition the panels to expose them to optimum sunlight.

Before you flip the switch to enjoy your sustainable power source after testing, a local government officer from the relevant agency must review the system to determine if it satisfies the required standards. After they approve the installation, you can safely enjoy the green energy source.

Benefits of Installing Inverness Solar Panels

If you are looking for an alternative solution to conservative power, you should opt for solar panels because they are affordable in the long run and eco-friendly. Additionally, these installations offer multiple benefits, including:

  1. Lower or Reduce your Electricity Bills

The most prevalent benefit of solar energy installations is that they reduce your conventional electricity costs. When you fit the panels onto your roof, you generate electricity at no cost. You will need less electricity from the grid, lowering your spending on power purchases. If you have installed green energy for a commercial property, the funds for power purchases can be directed toward business expansion. You can even store electricity when the panels generate extra for future use.

  1. Increased Property Value

Like new roofing improves your property’s value during an appraisal, installing a solar energy system is no different. Studies on solar panels in homes indicate that prospective buyers are willing to pay $15,000 more for homes with solar energy systems. Although installing the panels does not always translate to an upsurge in property worth, many home buyers are more knowledgeable about the benefits of these installations and have no problem paying more for the property than one with no solar panel system. Therefore, even if the initial cost of installing the panels is high, you will receive a return on your investment in the long run.

  1. Solar Panels are Environmentally Friendly

Electricity generated from solar panels is clean and renewable. You cannot deplete the energy the sun generates, unlike fuel, whose source, mined fossils, can be depleted over time. By using solar energy, you prevent air and noise pollution.

  1. Increased Energy Independence

The steady rise in conventional energy prices around the globe has caused many people to opt for affordable solar energy. By installing panels, you develop power independence because the sunlight converted into electricity is provided free of charge. You enhance your property's power independence by eliminating dependence on the grid or utility firms.

Another advantage of solar energy is that you can optimize its usage during the day when there is a high or extra supply. Also, you can link the energy to your indoor hearing system to lower power costs.

If you want to enjoy these benefits, installing a solar energy system is the way. However, hiring the right panel installation company can only meet your renewable energy needs.  

The Downsides of Solar Energy

Installing solar panels has its downsides or setbacks. One of them is the high cost of the initial solar panel fitting. Even with installation costs reducing in recent years, an installation project will cost you roughly $15,000 to $30,000 for a residential property. Commercial property solar installation costs $50,000 to $500,000, depending on the system size and your choice of panels. The project will cost even more if the installation continues simultaneously with renovations. However, you can reduce this cost by utilizing tax rebates and incentives from the federal and state governments. Also, financing options like leases or power purchase contracts from your Inverness solar panel installer can make the project affordable.

Another downside of solar energy is the reliance on sunlight, meaning you will need more power when it is cloudy, forcing you to turn to utility companies. If your home or property is in a location that does not receive sufficient sunlight, solar panels will not be beneficial.

Lastly, it can be difficult to find ample space for installation, particularly if the space on your roof exposed to the sun is limited.

Considerations when Hiring an Inverness Solar Panel Fitting Service

Installing the system offers several benefits. Nevertheless, the challenge is finding an exemplary installation service for the project. Several solar panel companies operate in Inverness, Marin County, all claiming to offer the best services. Choosing the right company in these conditions can be challenging. The aspects you should take into account when hiring are:

Request for a Site Survey or Visit

Before picking an Inverness solar panel expert, ask them for a site survey or visit. Doing so allows you to evaluate their artistry. Also, visiting your property is an excellent opportunity to examine your roof’s shape and explore the most suitable options.

Verify the Expert’s Licensing and Certification

The right solar panel company has valid licensure and accreditation to provide panel installation services. Check for their relevant certifications and licenses before agreeing to work with the service. This helps confirm that the company is qualified and meets state requirements to offer the services. By picking an accredited company, you can be at peace knowing that the most qualified professionals are handling your renewable energy needs.

Request for Referrals

You can find viable Inverness solar panel experts by speaking to coworkers, family members, or friends who have had successful solar energy installation projects. This allows you to inspect the quality of their projects and decide if they are right for you.

Find a Reputable Solar Energy Installation Service Near Me

If you want to reduce your reliance on utility companies for power and cut your energy costs, installing Inverness solar Panels is the way to go. It will help you lower your carbon footprint and increase your electricity independence. Nevertheless, the project is only viable for some properties. Therefore, talk to Sun Solar Electric before investing in the project. We will evaluate your property and the local climate to craft an effective system for your property. Call us today at 707-658-2157 to understand this sustainable energy solution.




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