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Solar energy is the radiant heat and light from the sun. Solar panels are the most common way to convert sunlight to usable energy at home or in your business. Solar panels are installed on the roof of your home or commercial buildings and tap this natural energy. Solar panel installation is an effective way to generate electricity without increasing your environmental impact.

Solar panels vary in size and functionality, and you can choose the one that fits your budget and energy needs. In addition to saving on electricity bills, using solar energy gives you a sense of belonging and pride in your contribution to environmental conservation. With the increase in popularity and advancements in the solar industry, many companies are coming up with minimal-cost installations, equipment, and maintenance services. Multiple companies make it difficult to choose what works best for you.

At Sun Solar Electric, we ensure you receive efficient and professional solar installation services. If you are considering switching to solar energy in Angwin, CA, you will need our Angwin solar panel installation experts.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar is a common energy source for many homes and business owners. Solar panels are the devices used to convert sunlight into electric energy usable for daily power needs. You can use solar energy for different home appliances and your business energy needs.

Three solar panels types are available on the market:

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline panels are the oldest solar panels available. Solar panels are efficient because they can produce energy with slight amounts of sunlight. Although the price for these solar panels is higher, they have a lifespan of up to twenty-five years, which makes the investment worthwhile.

  1. Polycrystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels are common but not as efficient as monocrystalline solar panels. These solar panels are placed on large farms and plants with plenty of space. The manufacturing process of polycrystalline solar panels is simpler, which makes their prices lower.

  1. Thin Film Solar Panels

These solar panels manufacturing process and outlook differ significantly from crystalline solar panels. The material used for thin film solar panels can be made into different textures. This makes it easier to install these panels on round surfaces. Thin film solar panels are cheaper and less durable than crystalline solar panels.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy is a solution for property owners of all types. There are both advantages and disadvantages to transitioning to solar energy. Working with a skilled Angwin solar panel installation expert will improve your experience. The benefits of installing solar panels for your home or business premises include:

  1. You save on electricity bills. The most sought-after benefit of solar panel installation is the ability to reduce your electricity bills. Your energy bills make up a significant part of your utilities. Sunlight is free, and tapping your energy from the sun can save you a lot of energy. If you install solar panels for your business, you can lower the budget allocated for energy and use it for other business needs.
  2. You improve your home's value. Millions of homeowners are interested in installing solar panels, but the cost and the process involved discourage them. Therefore, a home with an installed solar system is appealing to buyers.
  3. Solar energy is versatile. Unlike wind energy, where you need a large open space to place your turbines, solar panels can be installed in any environment. This makes solar power a significant investment for anyone.
  4. Environmental conservation. Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source that does not release carbon dioxide or other harmful environmental gases. Unlike other traditional energy sources, solar energy does not cause environmental pollution. 
  5. You can sell solar electricity to the grid. You may be eligible for net metering. Net metering is a tool where excess solar energy from your home or business solar panels is stored, and you can sell it back to the grid.

Solar is not perfect. Some drawbacks of shifting to this type of emery include:

  • Solar panels are not effective for all roof types. Solar panels must be installed on the roof for maximum exposure to sunlight. Unfortunately, some roof types could hinder the installation.
  • Solar installation is expensive if you do not have proper financing. California offers incentives for individuals hoping to install residential or commercial solar panels. However, if you miss the incentives, you could incur a hefty cost to install the solar panels.

The Process of Solar Panel Installation

There are five significant steps that your contractor will follow to put up a solar energy system at your home or business, including:

Engineering Site Visit

Once you sign a contract with the Angwin Solar Panel installation company, an engineer visits your home or business premises to assess your home's or commercial premises' electrical status. An engineer can either be an employee of your contractor or an independent contractor sourced by the solar company. A roof assessment is also done to determine the size and number of solar panels needed.

Obtain Documents and Permits

Like other substantial financial decisions, installing solar panels requires a lot of paperwork. Luckily, most of the paperwork is accomplished by your installer. One of the main things you want to apply for is the federal and state solar installation incentives. In addition to applying for the incentives, you must fill out the building premise.

A skilled solar expert installer may be able to assess your home and help you understand the permits you need before you start the installation process. If you want to have your solar panel system up as fast as possible, you must follow up with your installer to ensure that they have submitted all the paperwork.

Choosing Your Equipment

When you are ready with all the paperwork and have received clearance from your area, your installer can order all the equipment needed to install the solar panels. Although you may have chosen the number of panels, colors, and designs you want for your home or business area, you might need guidance on the purchase.

The components you must evaluate when purchasing the equipment are solar panels and inverters. You can compare brands' durability, cost, and efficiency before settling on the best one. When you order your equipment, your installer can schedule an installation date.

Solar Panel Installation

Actual solar panel installation is an exciting venture for all home and business owners. The timeline for the installation could range between one and three days. This depends on the design of your roof and the size of your solar panel system. Your Angwin solar panel installer will prepare your roof to ensure that all the shingles are properly attached. The installer will install wiring to connect the solar panels with the power source.

When the wiring is complete, racks are installed on the roof to support the solar panels, and then the solar panels are connected to the inverter. The inverter converts direct current into the alternating current used in homes.

Approval and Interconnection

The last step in the solar panel installation process is turning the system on and tapping power from the sun into your home. Before you connect your solar panels to your electric grid, you will need approval from the government in your area. You receive approval after inspecting the installer's work to ensure it meets the standards.

The Difference Between Residential and Commercial Solar Panels

Homeowners and owners of commercial buildings have embraced the switch to solar energy. However, solar panels are not all designed the same. Some differences between commercial and residential solar panels include:

  • Size of the Solar Panels

Size is the most apparent distinction between solar panels for your home and commercial buildings. Since the energy needs for commercial establishments are higher, you will need larger solar panels to tap more sunlight. Although commercial solar panels can be used for residential areas, small solar panels may not meet the energy needs of your business area.

  • Installation Process

Commercial and residential solar systems are installed in the same way. However, commercial solar panels are easier to install despite their large size. This is because commercial solar panels are installed on flat roofs. Residential homes have different roof designs. The solar panels must lie on the shingles, which requires a more careful and complex installation process.

  • Efficiency

Commercial solar panels produce more energy than the smaller residential ones. Commercial solar panels have more cells that tap more solar energy.

  • Solar Panel Colors

Commercial and residential panels vary in color. Most commercial panels are white, and the residential ones are black and white. When you contact an Angwin Solar Panel Installation company, you will receive guidance on choosing the right color. Since solar panels can improve your home value, selecting a color that matches your home environment would be best.

Factors to Consider When Hiring an Angwin Solar Panel Expert

Your choice of a solar panel installation company can impact the outcome of your installation. The last thing you want to do is to reinstall the solar panels after a few years. The following are essential tips you should consider when hiring the right company:

Check Out Reviews

The first thing that could help you know whether you are making the right decision on a solar installation company is the online reviews. The reviews from other people who have worked with the company can help you determine their level of service. However, you must avoid judging one contractor with a single negative comment. 

Request a Home Visit

Before you settle for one solar panel installation company, you must request that the contractors visit your home. This allows you to understand their working style and receive an accurate estimate of the time and cost for the installation. Do not feel pressured to sign a contract if you feel uncomfortable with the contractors after the home visit.

Compare Costs of Different Companies

When you decide to install solar panels in your home or business area, you will have a budget for purchasing and installing the entire system. When you receive home visits from different companies, ask for a cost estimate and settle with the company that offers the service within your budget.

Verify Contractor Licensing and Accreditation

You must ask about company licensing during your initial meeting with the solar installation company. In addition, the company must have all the necessary clearance and minimum liability insurance. Working with a company that is not licensed is an unnecessary risk.

Contractor Experience

Knowing your contractor's skills and experience in solar panel installation in your area is vital. You can do this by checking on their past work to determine if it meets the quality and outlook you want for your home or commercial establishment. Although the solar energy industry has grown significantly recently, the concept is relatively new.

Many people who claim to be contractors are general tradesmen rather than solar installation experts. Therefore, you must be sure that your contractor can deliver before entering into a contract with them.

Check out the Company's Customer Support

Check for customer support when you find a team of solar panel installation experts with experience and skills. Having a supportive and friendly contractor could help make the solar installation process smooth and less tedious.

Find a Reliable Solar Panel Installation Company Near Me

Solar energy is a fast-growing industry in the United States. More people are turning to this form of renewable energy for its many benefits. Using solar panels to tap the power from sunlight saves you money on electricity bills, which are a significant part of your expenses. Additionally, solar energy conserves the environment and increases the value of your home.

When you install solar panels on your home or business premises, you expect the installation to be a permanent investment. An essential yet challenging part of the solar installation process is choosing the right company to offer you these services. At Sun Solar Electric, we have extensive knowledge and experience in efficient solar installation. We serve clients requiring the installation of solar panels on homes and commercial buildings in Angwin, CA. Contact us today at 707-658-2157.

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