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The sun provides us with more energy than we can exhaust. You will start saving money when you install solar panels and turn your solar system on. Aside from solar electricity, solar energy has other applications, including heating. Solar energy offers a clean and reliable source of energy, making it a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. If you want to join thousands of homeowners and commercial establishment owners who reap the benefits of solar energy, Sun Solar Electric can help. We will install the best Rutherford solar panel that suits your energy needs.

How a Rutherford Solar Panel Works

Solar panels have photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electricity. These cells are sandwiched in silicon layers, which are semiconducting materials. Each silicon layer has different electronic characteristics that energize when photons from sunlight hit them, enabling them to create an electric field. This technique is referred to as the photoelectric effect, and it creates the current required to produce electricity.

Solar panels produce a direct current of electricity. The direct current is then passed through an inverter, which converts it into an alternating current. The alternating current is fed into the National Grid or used by the businesses or homes to which the solar panels are attached.

The Common Types Of Solar Panels

Innovations in solar panel technology have enabled many people to power their homes. Three types of solar panels are available: thin film, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline. Each type has advantages and disadvantages. The best option will depend on your energy needs and your home's or commercial establishment's size.

Thin film is one of the latest developments in solar technology. Its lightweight build and affordable price allow for more flexibility during installation, but its power output is slightly low.

Polycrystalline panels are relatively new, but they are gaining popularity amongst consumers. Its cheaper price tag makes it an attractive investment, but its efficiency is slightly lower.

Monocrystalline panels are the oldest and most developed solar panels. It is the most efficient solar panel and the most expensive.

Whether Solar Panels Work On Cloudy Days

You might wonder whether your Rutherford solar panel will work on a cloudy day. Generally, a solar panel reacts to the visible light spectrum. If it's light enough to see, then there is sufficient light for the panel to start producing electricity. Usually, when the sunlight is strong, the panel will generate more power.

Solar panels typically generate more electricity during summer. However, this does not mean they require warmer weather to work. When the temperature gets too hot, the panels become less efficient.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Some of the advantages you could reap from a Rutherford solar panel include:

  • Solar panels can assist you in reducing your carbon footprint and will pay for themselves through savings in your bills in an average of 14 years.
  • Solar panels are safe because they are made from silicon sheets. Photovoltaic cells do not emit or leak any fumes or toxins.
  • Solar panels do not cause noise pollution while producing electricity. Therefore, installations are not intrusive, whether in quiet rural areas or crowded urban areas.
  • Solar panels can be installed in various places. They can be installed on rooftops in city centers to help combat fuel poverty or in solar farms in the countryside to support local biodiversity.
  • 6GW of installed solar is more than four times the capacity of fossil fuel power station.

Limitations Of Solar Energy

The disadvantages of solar energy are reduced as the industry grows and advances, creating economies of scale. Some of the disadvantages are as follows:

Your Rutherford Solar Panel Will Rely On Sunlight

Solar panels typically require sunlight to produce electricity. They cannot generate electricity at night when you need it for lighting, and they are less efficient during gloomy days and days of storms. If you plan to rely entirely on solar energy to power your home, your solar energy system could also require batteries. Unfortunately, batteries are also costly. Unlike the panels, batteries wear out and require careful maintenance to last longer.

Solar Panels Are Not Fit For Every Roof Type

Orientation matters and solar panels cannot fit on every roof. Your solar panels will not capture enough solar energy if your roof faces away from the sun. Roofs that are inclined towards the sun tend to be better than flat roofs. Roofing materials like tiles, metal, and asphalt shingles make solar panel installation easier. Solar installation could be more expensive if your roof is made with other materials. Energy-efficient roofs are usually determined by their ability to support solar panels.

Solar Energy Storage Is Costly

The temporary reduction in energy production during bad weather has been one of the major disadvantages of solar energy. However, advancements in battery technology have made days with low sun power have less effect. Alternatives have been developed to replace old technology for storing solar energy. For example, lithium-ion batteries provide more energy at a lower cost. Nickel-based batteries can also last longer.

The Initial Costs Of Installing A Rutherford Solar Panel Are High

The initial cost of buying and installing a solar panel is high. If you decide to purchase solar panels, you must stay in your home for several years before the system pays. This is a long-term investment suitable for property owners rather than renters.

Additional Benefits Of Using Solar Panels

The additional benefits of using solar panels are:

Technology Development

Industrial growth is increasing because of the ever-increasing use of solar energy. Solar panels also help you save on electricity. By utilizing a natural source of energy, you can avoid high electricity bills.

Maximum Usage

Solar energy is used in many ways. Anything appliance that produces heat or electricity can rely on solar energy. Solar energy can be used in the following ways:

  • In space satellites.
  • In homes for household chores.
  • To supply clean water.
  • In factories.
  • To deliver electricity to places that do not have electricity.

Reduction Of Electricity Bill

You will be relieved from the high cost of your electricity bill because you will meet all your energy needs with electricity produced from solar energy.

Renewable Energy

Solar energy is typically a renewable source of energy. It can be utilized everywhere in the world. Solar energy is a never-diminishing source of energy.

Safer Than Others

Unlike conventional power sources, solar power is safer during use, repair, and maintenance.


Solar power systems only require cleaning twice a year. They do not require much maintenance. However, only experts should carry out the cleaning. Inverters need to be replaced after every five to ten years. Apart from the initial cost, you will incur less on repair and maintenance.

Not Dependent On Other Sources Of Energy

The pressure on other energy sources has come down after solar energy came into existence and its increased use. This could save the environment and the ecosystem.

Solar Energy Is Clean and Green Energy

Environmental pollution often occurs during electricity generation or when using other energy sources. In the generation of solar energy, no pollution occurs.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Rutherford Solar Panel

Over time, consumer standards have changed tremendously. In the past, most people would go for the cheapest goods or services available. Today, people carry out extensive research before buying a product. This practice satisfies customers' needs even if it takes more effort. Researching a product before buying makes the most of a customer's hard-earned money. Similar principles should apply when installing a Rutherford solar panel system in your home. You should consider the following criteria to make the best investment possible:

Provider Reputation

It is essential to check if the solar provider walks the talk. Often, solar companies will entice you with big promises and attractive advertisements. However, you should keep yourself grounded. You should look at the performance reviews and experiences of previous clients to better understand a provider's trustworthiness.

Provider Maintenance

You should have your solar panels serviced because they are made of components that degrade over time. A professional must perform service component checks, even if cleaning and debris removal can be quickly done.

Most solar panel companies offer yearly maintenance as part of a package deal. However, if this is not specified, you should inquire and ensure it is included. It is also advisable to monitor your system and contact your provider to know when the panels are due for a checkup.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

It is important to consider the warranty aspect because it is established to protect your rights as a consumer. While gathering options, it is good to collaborate with a provider who will give you an attractive warranty period. This will assist you in maximizing your investment in the event of a sudden malfunction or defect.

Solar Panel’s Durability

Durability is another factor you should consider because your panels will be exposed to different elements. You should avoid solar panels that break easily because the system downtime will be a big hit on your savings.

When negotiating with solar companies, it is advisable to inquire about the long-term durability of solar panels. Solar companies must reveal the outcome of their testing to support the validity of their goods.

Roof Compatibility And Mounting

It is good to determine which areas of your home receive the most sun exposure because the placement of the panels will be vital in tapping solar energy and producing power. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid installing solar panels in areas where buildings, trees, and other structures could obstruct them.

Make sure that the mounting system is of good quality, as it is an important part of the whole installation. You should consider this, especially if you live in a windy area, because loose mounting brackets can cause the panels to fall off during typhoon season. Reaching out to your provider and requesting the necessary certifications will assist you in avoiding this dilemma.

Panel Size

You will likely adjust over the years because new solar panels are being developed and commercially available. When looking for options, consider securing the right solar panel size. You should do this even if your house's roof has a lot of space.

Solar panels require ample overall space because they produce more energy per square meter. This could assist you in planning the entire configuration setup.

Rutherford Solar Panel Performance

When canvassing for panels, performance is one of the significant things you should consider. It is not a must that you look for the most efficient option. You only require a system that can seamlessly produce power. This will assist the solar batteries to charge quickly and generate sufficient electricity whenever you need it.

Generally, the average panel efficiency ranges from 15% to 22%. Having this in mind will assist you in determining your best option. Solar panels falling within this range or higher would be the best investment.

Constellation Energy And Solar Energy

There are additional options worth considering when weighing the pros and cons of solar energy. Community solar projects are the best way to tap the advantages of solar power without purchasing or maintaining a system yourself. Community solar could be your answer if your home and roof cannot support solar panels or you do not have enough money to invest in one.

In this case, you agree to engage in a program that permits you to receive credits for every kWh produced by the solar facility. You receive credit on your electricity bill equivalent to your percentage of ownership in the project's energy.

How Community Solar Work

Community solar projects produce electricity from the sun, which flows through a meter to the utility grid. Community solar subscribers, such as businesses, homes, and other electricity customers, pay for a share of the power produced by the community solar project. Subscribers usually pay a monthly subscription fee.

The local utility pays the community solar provider for the power produced, and every subscriber receives a percentage of the dollar value generated by their community solar subscription as a credit. The credit is applied directly to a subscriber’s monthly electric bill. This would help reduce the customer’s electricity costs.

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