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If you like or are interested in generating electricity and reducing the costly electricity bills, you could consider joining the sustainable green energy bandwagon. Generally, green energy is about adopting renewable energy resources that are sustainable, cost-friendly, and, most importantly, environmental-friendly.

Solar energy is one of the most common and preferred renewable energy alternatives for household and commercial use, which is not a surprise because solar energy is abundant everywhere around us. Also, there is no risk of over-exhausting this particular resource regardless of how you use or harness it because we generally cannot run out of sun.

However, before you become excited about the likelihood of receiving free electricity for your commercial or household use, there are several facts you need to know and understand about solar energy. If you are looking for Nicasio solar panel installation services for your commercial or household use, our reliable specialists at Sun Solar Electric can help.

Not only will you save on monthly electric bills, but this switch-up will also help protect the environment and the future. Read on for everything you need to know about solar energy, from installation to hiring a reliable contractor for this life-changing investment.

Quick Facts About Solar Panels and How They Work

If you have the idea of installing solar panel systems in your home or business, you are undoubtedly not alone. A solar panel is a device that contains a series of photovoltaic (PV) cells that can generate electricity for household or commercial use using the energy from the sun (sunlight).

Once the solar panel system is installed in your house roof or any other place you decide to place it, it will absorb direct sunlight using the array of PV cells, which generate direct current (DC).

Since the DC is not readily usable, it will pass through an inverter within your solar system, which converts the energy into a usable alternating current (AC) to power your home or business's electrical systems.

When your solar panel system produces excess electricity, the inverter can transfer the excess energy to the local electrical grid. The grid can store surplus energy received, and through a billing mechanism known as "net metering," you will receive credit for the energy your solar panel system generates.

Since sending excess electrical power to the grid system during an outage could also be dangerous, some inverters will automatically shut down during an outage. Depending on your needs and interests, your solar energy specialist or contractor can help you choose the best inverter for your solar panel system.

Common Types of Solar Panels in the Market

If you are looking for Nicasio solar panel installation services for commercial or home use, you need to understand that solar panels come in different types, depending on your needs. Below are common types of solar panel systems in the market today:

  1. Monocrystalline Solar Panel

Monocrystalline solar panels are the most common and preferred for home use because they can generate electricity even with little energy from the sun. Also known as a single-crystal panel, a monocrystalline solar panel is silicon-made, and you can readily identify it because of its dark color.

If you are looking for a long-lasting and space-efficient solar panel for your business or homestead, a monocrystalline solar panel could be an excellent choice.

  1. Polycrystalline Solar Panel

As the name suggests, manufacturing polycrystalline solar panels requires several silicon crystals, which the maker will melt under high temperatures and pour into a square or rectangular mold. Although they are less efficient than single-crystal panels, polycrystalline solar panels are a cost-effective and excellent choice for people with adequate space to install them.

You can identify these solar panels by their rectangular shape and blue finish. Typically, they appear bluish and speckled because of reflection from the sun.

  1. Thin Film Solar Panel

Unlike the above-explained two types of solar panels, thin-film solar panels are low in profile, thin, and flexible, meaning you can use them even on round-shaped surfaces. For instance, when you purchase a thin film solar panel, you can glue and stick it to your roofing tiles.

Because they are inefficient, you will need to install several thin panels over a large surface to generate the same amount of electricity or power as crystalline silicon solar panels.

What to Consider Before Installing Solar Panel Systems

Most people switch to solar energy as their source of power or electricity, mainly to offset the costly monthly electric bills by 100%. Hence, the solar system you will purchase should be able to supply you with enough power to meet this goal.

For optimal performance of solar panel systems you will use in your home or business, you should consider the following factors ahead of time before you install them:

Your House Location and Roof Inclination

For optimal performance and enough power to run your home or business electrical appliances, you need to install your solar panel systems at a location that receives adequate sunlight. Generally speaking, locations with average sunlight distribution annually provide more advantages to solar panel users, meaning they do not have to rely on the electrical grid system for their power supply.

If you are looking for Nicasio solar panel installation services for your household or business, you should consider your house location and roof inclination to utilize daily sunlight adequately. Most importantly, you should also ensure your house roofing has desired inclination for optimal performance of the PV cells in your solar panel.

The Amount of Energy Your Business or Home Needs

Of course, every homestead or business consumes varying amounts of energy depending on what electrical appliances they use daily. You will need fewer solar panels if your household energy consumption is less.

Hence, it is important to determine the amount of energy your household consumes to know how many solar panels you will need to mount to offset your electrical bills by 100%. Using your past electric bills, you can calculate the amount of energy (kilowatts) your household or business uses on an average day.

Then multiply your results by 25 to know the approximate size of the system you need to install to cater to your household or business electrical power energy needs.

Your Roof Size and Shape

Since roofs differ, you should consider your roof size and type before investing in any solar panel systems for your household or business electrical power energy needs. If there is insufficient space on your roof to install your preferred type of solar panel, you will not receive the energy you expect from your investment.

Additionally, it is also wise to consider the condition of your roof before investing in solar panel systems. If your roof is old or some parts are worn out, it is a brilliant idea to repair it or buy a new roof before investing in solar panel systems to increase their durability and need for maintenance once you install them.

Cost Range

Ultimately, the solar panel you choose will depend on your budget for this life-changing investment. Since the manufacturers and the market of solar panel systems are expanding annually, it could be confusing and challenging to know which solar system is suitable for household energy needs and yet not overpriced.

Before you choose to install any solar panel system in your home, it would be best to shop around and compare prices from different companies to know which will suit your budget.

For optimal performance of your solar panel systems, take your time to plan for this life-changing investment. The above tips can help you make a wise decision before you install your solar panel systems in your business or home.

Four Benefits of Using Homestead or Commercial Solar Panel Systems

Explained below are some of the benefits of going green or investing in solar panel systems for your business or homestead:

It Does Not Pose a Danger to the Environment

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most significant benefits of switching to solar energy. Since you do not need to destroy the environment to harness solar energy, using solar energy helps preserve the environment. Also, using solar energy reduces the overreliance on fossil fuels, which are some of the leading environmental pollutants, making the world a better place for future generations.

If you are a business person, going green can also attract more customers away from your non-green competitors who use non-renewable sources of energy.

Solar Energy is Renewable and Reliable

Unlike fossil fuels, power or energy sources like coal, gas, and oil, solar energy is renewable and sustainable because you cannot deplete the sunlight regardless of how you use or harness it daily.

Unlike homesteads or businesses that rely on the power provided by the local electrical grid, solar energy can save you from the issue of blackouts and unnecessary inconveniences caused by the network.

That means when other homesteads or businesses that rely on the local electrical grid experience a blackout due to an unavoidable storm, you will not lose power in your business or home if you rely on solar energy.

It is Cost-friendly

Apart from the initial cost you will incur when purchasing the solar panel systems and installing them in your home or business, there are no additional bills for using this renewable energy source. In these harsh economic times, where everyone is looking for a way to reduce their expenses and bills, investing in solar panel systems is the best way to go and a decision you cannot regret.

If you have a business, investing in solar energy will reduce your overhead expenses, meaning more profits or return to your business annually.

It Enhances Your Property Value

Finally, installing solar energy in your commercial establishment or home will increase your property value. That means you can reach a potential customer for your property without a hassle at any point you want to sell it. Not only is your building's electricity bill cost lower, but it also helps reduce carbon footprints on this planet for a better future and quality of life.

Tips on How to Find a Reliable Contractor for Nicasio Solar Panel Installation Services

Picking or hiring a reliable contractor for Nicasio solar panel installation services has several advantages you cannot overlook. The following tips can lessen your option in this market full of mediocre experts to find a dependable contractor for Nicasio solar panel installation services without a hassle:

Consider the Contractor's Experience

The experience of your prospective expert can significantly affect the quality of services you will receive when you decide to install solar panel systems. Hence, it would help to hire an experienced contractor for Nicasio solar panel installation services that you need for your household or commercial use.

An experienced contractor will know the most suitable places to install solar panel systems in your commercial establishment or home for maximum solar energy utilization daily.

Consider the Contractor's Reputation

Before allowing any strangers in your home, it would be in your best interests to ensure they have a credible reputation with their past clients for your safety and the best quality services you deserve. If your prospective contractor has a social media platform or website, you could want to check his/her past clients' comments and complaints about his services.

Many negative comments or complaints mean the contractor is unreliable and unworthy of your money.

Consider the Contractor's Location

Understand that you need the best Nicasio solar panel installation services. Hence the best contractor for this work should be someone who understands this location's weather patterns. A local contractor will know the suitable solar panels that can work in your favor for optimal solar energy that you need to power your household or business electrical devices.

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The simplest way to reduce your monthly electricity bills is to seek a better deal, like installing solar panel systems in your home or business. To know how much you can save, call our reliable and experienced contractors at Sun Solar Electric at 707-658-2157 to schedule your initial consultation.

Apart from giving you an estimate of how much you can save on your monthly electric bills, we can also offer you reliable Nicasio solar panel installation services if you decide to embark on this life-changing investment.

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