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With energy prices rising in the past years, households and commercial premises owners are opting for affordable, reliable, green energy. Are you looking for renewable energy that is eco-friendly and affordable? Look no further because solar energy is the way to go. Before going green, you must understand the type of solar panels appropriate for your home or business premises, your power needs, and the benefits of the installation. You must speak to a solar power system installation professional for guidance during planning, execution, and after the project. Sun Solar Electric can help you go green with our solar panel installation services in Windsor.

Understanding the Various Types of Windsor Solar Panels

A solar panel is a tool that converts radiant heat and light into usable electric energy. You can install the device on the roof of your household or commercial building to tap into this natural resource. When you want to enjoy the benefits of solar energy, you must start by talking to a Windsor Solar Panel service to understand the various types of panels and the most appropriate option based on your building and power needs. The common forms of solar panels available in the market are:

  • Monocrystalline Panels 

Monocrystalline is the most ancient but progressive panel in the market. These devices are efficient as they can generate electricity with minimal sunlight and radiant heat. The solar panels are called Monocrystalline because the manufacturer relies on one pure crystal silicon cell cut into wafers. However, when making the panels for a commercial premise, the manufacturer cuts the silicon cell’s edge, smoothens, and rounds it for efficient power generation.  

Even though the initial cost of installing Monocrystalline panels is high, they have high durability of no more than 25 years, making them affordable in the long run.

  • Multicrystalline Panels

Also called mid-range or polycrystalline panels, Multicrystalline are reasonably priced in the market, although their efficiency is less than that of Monocrystalline. Instead of being developed by a single cell, Multicrystalline, as the name suggests, is made from multiple silicon cells. The multiple combined cells make these panels less effective and reduce their durability.

Also, Multicrystalline panels produce lower electricity than Monocrystalline panels because of the cells' limited electron motion. The panels are suitable for large plants with ample space.

The production of polycrystalline panels is simple and cheaper, which explains the low prices. Production involves melting raw silicon cells and pouring them into square molds to create wafers. Unlike Monocrystalline, where you must cut the edges, polycrystalline panels do not entail cutting the edges, reducing wastage. Once the wafers are ready, they are assembled to create multi-crystalline solar panels.

  • Thin-Film Panels

Production procedures and outlook of thin-film panels differ considerably from the mono and multi-crystalline panels. Thin-film panels are made of different textures, explaining their flexibility and thinness. The panels are made from semiconductors like silicon and cadmium.

Compared to crystalline panels, thin-film panels are less efficient and have low power production. Due to their low efficiency, they require ample space to produce high electricity levels. Again, the panels are not durable, which explains their short-term warranties.

Despite these disadvantages, thin-film panels have a demand in the solar panel industry because they are highly versatile and can be used for various purposes. The material utilized in the plants has different textures making it easy to install them on round surfaces and in molded or shingle roof tiles.

Which is most suitable for your needs of the three solar panel types?

Your choice of a solar panel hinges on your financial plan and project size. It is advisable to talk to your Windsor solar panel professional to explain the best option based on your needs and for a seamless installation.

Is your Property Ideal for a Windsor Solar Installation?

Before installing panels, you must evaluate your building or property to determine if it is suitable. One crucial aspect of structure you should consider is the sunlight and radiant heat the roof receives. A panel suitability checker can help establish if your household or business is eligible for a solar power installation. Once you have done this, visit a local solar installation expert to discuss your property. The expert should visit the site to inspect the tree shading and roof angle. If your roof receives adequate sunlight, the more electricity your Windsor solar panel will generate. Solar installation is not recommended if chimneys, trees, vents, and buildings block your roof from receiving sunlight.

Another consideration is climate. Generally, the local weather in Sonoma County is suitable for solar panels. Use a suitability checker to understand how the local environment will affect your installation. If your locality is primarily cloudy, you can install the Monocrystalline panels because they generate electricity with minimal sunlight.

Similarly, it would help if you considered the shape of your roof. The best roofs for solar installation are those with metal seams, as they are easy to drill. Besides, composite roofs are suitable for solar installation. However, tile roofs are not ideal for solar panels because they are fragile, and the system can temper with the waterproof barrier below the tiles causing the roof to leak. Furthermore, solar installation is not ideal for wooden roofs because of the elevated fire risk. Panel installation is more effective in roofs inclined in the direction of the sun at a 30-degrees angle.

Moreover, it would help if you considered your roof’s durability. Some panels last up to forty years. Therefore, your roof must last for more than this period. If you install the solar on a less durable roof, you will be forced to hire an expert to uninstall the panels and reinstall them once the roof is replaced or renovated. If your roof is not ready to last for the solar panels, you should remodel or replace it to install the panels. You can do the roof renovation and Windsor solar panel installation simultaneously to reduce the difficulties of mounting the framework or drilling the roof.

Lastly, you want to check how much you pay for electricity bills on your property. Installing solar panels will save you money if you spend over $75 in monthly electricity bills. 

Factors to Put into Account When Choosing a Windsor Solar Panel

Talk to your Windsor solar panel installer about your need to optimize your business or home building by going solar. Once the expert understands your needs, they will explain the factors to consider when buying or installing a solar panel. The factors that should guide your decision on a panel are:

Solar System or Farm Size

Your panel's or system farm's size is determined by the total number of installed panels, not by the actual length of the panels. Your system's electrical capacity needs to be carefully engineered to achieve the highest power output and efficiency. You need to know how many power plants to install for adequate power generation. Your Windsor solar panel expert will do the calculations to ensure the solar farm's size produces sufficient electricity for your household or business.

Panel Quality

You know very little or nothing about solar panels. Therefore, you should consult with a solar energy installation expert because they are knowledgeable about the different plant types and their quality based on the manufacturer. When buying panels, your solar installer will advise you to check the certification and quality standards first. You should consider the panel's construction material, assembly method, weather resistance, and the best location for installation.

Panel Efficiency

The most efficient solar panels can produce high amounts of electricity with minimal radiant heat or sunlight. However, highly efficient panels like monocrystalline are only recommended for some buildings. Less efficient power plants like the thin-film panel could be more efficient than a crystalline one based on the location you want to install them. Your choice of efficient solar panels depends on the location and space availability. Therefore, discuss your solar needs with your installation specialist, and they will suggest the most effective panels for your home or place of business.

Windsor Solar Panel Installation Process

Your Windsor solar panel installer will follow five critical steps to install your system. These stages are:

     1. A Visit to the Project Site

Once you agree with your Windsor solar installation service to do the project, you will be assigned an engineer. The engineer can be a worker for the installation company or an autonomous contractor. These experts will visit your home or business premise to assess the roof and establish the size of your panel system.

     2. Acquire Relevant Paperwork and Permits

Many documents are involved in the installation of panels. Thankfully, your installer takes care of the paperwork. They must finish the building proposition and submit federal and state installation incentive applications first.

An experienced engineer has done multiple solar projects like yours before. They only need to assess your property and decide which types and quantities of permits you require from the appropriate government agencies to start the project. If you want to start the project as soon as possible, stay in touch with them and know what they are doing to obtain the necessary paperwork.

     3. Picking Equipment

Once the paperwork is ready, your engineer will purchase all the tools required for the installation, like racking, cables, a solar inverter, wiring, and panels. Even though you have decided on the number and color of panels you need for the project, your Windsor solar panel engineer will guide you on the best solar panels to purchase. The factors you should consider during the purchase include quality, efficiency, and brand. Once you have received the equipment, the engineer should schedule a date for installation.

     4. Panel Installation

The installation stage is the least time-consuming phase because it takes six hours to three days, depending on the roof shape, the roof plan, and the number of panels to be installed. Installation entails installing the wiring from the panel to the power source. After the wiring, racks are attached to the roof to anchor the panels. Afterward, the panels are linked to the inverter that converts the uninterrupted current to the alternating current you will use at home.

     5. City Inspection, Authorization, and Interconnection

Even after the installation phase is finished, you still need a city inspection and approval before producing electricity. You will receive approval and be able to connect your panel system to the power grid once the local government has determined that the installation complies with the necessary standards. The inspection will take around one week.

Advantages of Windsor Solar Panel Installation

Solar energy offers you financial and environmental benefits. Some of the reasons you should install the panels are:

Electricity Bill Reduction

You pay for maintenance, utilities, insurance, and other overhead expenses at your residential and commercial properties. Electricity bills are removed from your overhead costs when you install solar panels on your building. Because you use electricity for heating, cooling, and other energy-consuming electronics, your power bills account for the largest portion of your utility bills. Therefore, installing solar energy lowers these bills by around three-quarters. Also, when electricity prices spike, you will not be affected. If you aim to reduce overhead costs, go solar.

Solar Power Gives You Energy Independence

When you install a Windsor solar panel system, you start generating your electricity and no longer need to rely on the local power grid for electricity. With power independence, power interruptions occasioned by storms or shortages will not affect you. You will enjoy a constant power supply for the duration of the system.

Enhance Your Property Value

Many people want to power their businesses or homes with solar energy. Sadly, the process and cost of installation discourage many. So, when you install solar panels in a home you plan to sell or a commercial building you want to lease, the demand will be high, increasing the property value.

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More people in Windsor are going solar because the energy is renewable, eco-friendly, and reduces your overhead costs. However, the installation of the panels must be done correctly by an expert if you are to enjoy these benefits. At Sun Solar Electric, we are eager to help you with this green energy solution in your home or business. Call us today at 707-658-2157 to learn more about our installation services and understand your solar energy needs.

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