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Electric Services To Improve Your Home

C-10 CSLB#880150.

It is relatively unusual for a first-quality Solar Installation company to also have an Electrical License.
In fact, it is not unusual to be called upon by our esteemed peers in the Solar industry to perform the electrical aspects of their installs. Such tasks as Main Service Panel Upgrades, etc., must be performed by a Licensed Electrician.

We are occasionally called upon to consult other electrical companies.

Since PV Solar is an electricity generator, our Electrical Division views Solar as just one more-albeit a very important one-part of the wide array of Electrical Services SSE can provide. We like to say we handle “everything electrical under the Sun”.

We have the proven experience of work performed for State, Municipal, and large Business Projects. 
We bring our experience to bear with the same acumen and attention to you and your home. 
We have done many projects for custom and showcase homes, and, of course, we are always happy to serve all our Bay Area community members, for whatever electrical needs or renovations are desired. 
We love what we do! And it seems to show.

Most of our customers become life-long customers.

Maybe its because we treat our customers the way we'd want a Contractor to treat our family.
Maybe it's because of the quality of our workmanship.
Maybe its because we are surprisingly competitive in our pricing.
Maybe it's the value of all of the above.

At SSE, we have a commitment to provide all of our customers with superior electrical service,
whether the job is large or small. When we arrive at your door, we know that your needs are important to you-and that is why your needs and desires are important to us.
We have grown our business largely on happy referrals, and we want to earn yours!

You'll find that, whether you need simple repairs, or have a vision for new and beautifying renovations,
we strive for nothing less than your satisfaction. And, we have the expertise and the experience to achieve your wishes.

Upon our first visit, we can evaluate your current home wiring, and check for you to see if all is code compliant-including with the devices you are powering. If we discover variances, and if you choose, our trucks are generally stocked well enough to make those repairs while we are there.

And, sometimes, when we discover your perceived problem was a misconception provided by another,
we won't let you spend money needlessly with us.

We take pride in our integrity as well as our workmanship.

Some of the Projects we take on most frequently for homeowners are as follows:


Perhaps the most important electrical item you own is one you don't often think about until...there's a problem. And that is your Main Service Panel. It is the distribution center for your incoming power from the Grid-and, if you have Solar, it also distributes the power your solar system feeds back to the Grid. Its efficient functioning and stability not only make your home function smoothly, but also helps maintain the safety of your home from electrical fire.

Many Americans are unaware that some older EP brands that were permitted in housing developments years ago have proven with time to have faulty, and failing breakers, that do not “trip” when too much power is running through them. Often, people who haven't had a close look at their homeowner's insurance in a long while don't realize they could lower its cost by replacing an EP brand associated with a high risk. Flickering lights and frequently tripping breakers indicate that a serious look at the panel is in order.

With many years of experience, our expertise is applied to your panel's repair or replacement recommendation. You may need a new panel to accommodate new additions desired for your home, such as solar, hot tubs, a high powered air conditioner, etc. Our expertise and competitive rates are always a happy surprise in value for our clients.


Imagine coming home during any season, at any time, and finding the lighting, temperature, your favorite music, your blinds open or closed, as you wish them all to be, for your optimal mood coming home-and opening your utility bill to smile at the savings you're enjoying.
Imagine that all the settings for your time at home for regular days, will be better modified for the company or event you planned mid-day for your hosting. No worries-you've been able to set that mood and ambiance for your home-from your office-or even from your car!
All this is possible due to the technology evolved through 50 plus years by LUTRON. The same company that lights the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Guggenheim Museum, and notable other places,can enable you to take full control of how your home looks, feels, and saves energy!

Sun Solar Electric is proud to be an installer of the Homeworks/Lucron systems. We invite you to learn more about what is now possible for enhancing the quality of feeling-and energy efficiency-and even the safety, of your home and property at:


With our familiarity working in all aspects of Solar and Electrical energy efficiency, being ready for this next important aspect of the green-tech revolution was something we anticipated. You will find us listed as a recommended installer for Tesla, Clipper creek, and more. We know that the aesthetic in placement, and a clean look with your home environment, is important,
along with a safe and efficient installation.

Thinking of getting an EV? Think of us for your home-charging needs!


Whether an elegant perimeter of light to enhance the property appearance and added safety- or, the added beauty of well designed light stringing for a more magical garden or pool area- we know how! We always enjoy seeing the smiles of delight on our client's faces- in the Wine Country, in San Francisco, and in Silicon Valley-when we complete these projects. Creating beauty with our technical expertise is a labor of love. The smiles we see when the effects of our work are seen in the first nightfall witnessed, are the bonus we strive for with each custom lighting job. If enhancing your your landscape with elegant lighting has been an idea you've been considering, consider calling SSE for an estimate!

(And yes, we apply the same skills and tasteful creativity customizing your home's Interior as well)


The growing awareness of the importance in energy efficiency is leading more and more homeowners to investigate alternatives to the traditional gas heat blown by electrical fans. In colder months, the side effects of the house-warming needed and/or wanted, are often a shocking utility bill!  Some try turning to “space heaters”, and ultimately discover the space they heat is relatively limited, yet the cost is still relatively great-they generally pull a lot of kilowatt hours-and don't add savings to your utility bill. 

One of the methods of keeping the home comfortably warm in winter with much greater efficiency, that more and more people are becoming aware of, is under-floor heating. It is an interesting fact that extensive studies have shown the ideal comfort and sense of warmth begins at our feet. And, heat rises-cold descends. Air ducts that are situated near the ceiling, by contrast, are beginning the warming process where heat has already ascended, and must expend the fan-blown gas heat until it has descended to the floor, for us to experience warmth. This is not efficient, or as quiet, as the natural elegance of heat rising from the floor and ascending.

SSE is an experienced installer of 2 outstanding systems for floor heating. Learn more about their features, and choose which system best suits your home:

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SSE Inc. is an Authorized GENERAC Dealer. If you decide you want to round out the safety and livability of your home, to get through the always unexpected power black-outs from the Grid, a back up generator may be an important consideration for you.

Medical equipment, filled freezers, work from home office, water pumps, and other electric needs can be critical. It is ideal to have a backup plan. At SSE we have chosen to advocate Generac's brand of generators, based on the quiet consistency in their performance, and good value for top quality.

Sun Solar Electric is also up to date on the leading technologies for battery back up for your solar. If you are seeking peace of mind over the assurance your power systems, we know how to help you address those concerns with confidence.


At SSE, we evolved with the goal to be skilled in everything electrical under the sun.

You can also turn to us for:







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