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Energy needs take up a significant part of home and business expenses. Many businesses and homeowners are thrilled about a cheaper or more convenient energy source. Solar energy has become increasingly common for many people. Transitioning to solar energy allows you to save on energy needs and contribute to environmental conservation. Solar energy is tapped from natural sunlight through solar panels and converters.

Installation of the solar energy system is a project expected to improve the value of your home and last for a long time. Hiring a skilled solar panel installation company can ensure you reap maximum solar energy benefits. At Sun Solar Electric, we offer top-notch guidance and installation services for all our clients seeking to transition to solar energy in Oakmont, CA.

Understanding Solar Panel Installation

Solar power is the sun's energy converted to electrical or thermal energy. Solar energy is the cleanest and most commonly available source of natural energy. With the increased cost of electricity, many people have opted to transition to solar energy for their homes and businesses. Often this transition involves the installation of solar panels and connecting the solar panels to the power source.

After installing solar panels, you must consider several factors to enhance energy efficiency in your home or business. These factors ensure maximum performance of your solar system, and they include:

The Location and Design of your Home

Solar panels need to receive maximum sunlight for effective energy production. Therefore, they should be placed in well-lit areas with wide sunlight coverage. If you intend to install solar panels for your home, you must check the location of your home and roof inclination. A qualified solar installation expert will help you ensure no obstructions to the solar panels.

The Durability of the Solar Panels

Solar panel systems have a lifespan within which they have optimum effectiveness. When you decide to transition to solar energy, you must ensure that you will choose solar panels that will last longer and you will not need constant replacement of the system.

Energy Requirement of your Home or Business

Solar energy can supply energy for all your needs. However, you must be careful with the solar panels you choose. You can install panels that provide enough power to match the primary grid. However, this decision will depend on how much energy you need.

Installation Cost

When you want to integrate solar energy into your home or business, you must understand the financial aspect of installing solar panel systems. Due to the increased need for clean energy, the costs of transitioning to solar power have reduced significantly. Additionally, the government has reduced taxation and provides incentives for individuals planning to install solar panels. Before installing your solar panel system, you must extensively research these incentives and exploit them to reduce the amount you stand to spend.

Contracting Company

During your solar panel installation process, you must deal with contractors and dealers of different parts of the solar panel system. Installation companies differ in the quality of services they provide. Choosing the right Oakmont Solar Panel Installation company can make the process faster, easier, and less costly.

What are the Differences Between Residential and Commercial Solar Panels?

Solar panels come in shapes and sizes. You can go solar if you need energy for your home or business. However, there are differences between the solar panels you can use for residential properties and the ones used for your business premise, including:

  • Size. Although the difference in the size between residential and commercial solar panels is insignificant, the commercial panels are a foot wider. The difference in width is a crucial factor in efficiency.
  • Installation. Commercial solar panels are easier to install than residential projects. The residential roof shape is complicated, and more racking is needed to hold the solar panels. On the other hand, commercial roofs are mostly flat, and extra support for solar panels may be unnecessary.
  • Cost. Since commercial solar panels are large compared to residential ones, you may incur more in purchase and installation.
  • Solar panel placement. Individuals seeking to use commercial solar panels will have more options on the location of the panels. Although the roof may be the main area for installing these panels, commercial property owners can explore other spaces around the business. However, the roof is the only area suitable for installing solar panels for homeowners.

Process of Solar Panel Installation

Installation of solar panels is not an overnight project. Several protocols need to be followed to ensure that the project meets the state requirements and you receive maximum benefits from the project. There are several steps that an Oakmont solar panel installation company will follow when installing the solar system for your home or business, including:

Engineering Visit

When you settle for your desired company and decide on the mode of payment for the project, you will sign a contract. An engineer will then visit your property to ensure that your home design is compatible with the photovoltaic systems. The engineer can be part of the installation company or an independent contractor. During the engineering visit, your roof is evaluated. The roof of your residential or business property must be inclined a particular way to ensure that the solar panels receive maximum sunlight.

You must understand that the engineering visit differs significantly from the general site visit. Sometimes, the installer will take photos of your roof and send them to the engineer before they come for their visit.

Documents and Permits

Like other large projects, installing solar panels requires a wide range of paperwork. Luckily, a good solar panel installer handles all the paperwork for you. However, it is wise to know everything that goes on with the documents needed for the project. One of the things you must apply for when installing solar panels is the Federal ITC incentives. In addition to the incentives, you must fill out permits specific to where you live. The timeline for filling out the paperwork depends on how much time your installer takes to finish and submit the documents.

Choosing and Ordering Equipment

After submitting all the documents, your installer will be ready to order the equipment. Solar panels vary in size, color, and efficiency. Your choice of solar panels will depend on the size of your roof and your energy needs. Your installer will give you several options and guide you toward choosing the solar panels that meet your specific needs. The two main components of the solar energy system are the solar panels and the inverters.

You can be sure of your choice of solar panels by conducting online research. Once you have chosen what you want, your installer will order the equipment as you wait for the installation.

Solar Panel Installation

The actual solar panel installation day is exciting for every business or homeowner. Most people can’t wait to incorporate the less costly, effective, and environmentally friendly energy source. The timeline of the solar panel installation could range from one to three days, depending on the size of your home and the energy needs. One of the factors that could add to the time you need to install these panels is the net metering. You could wait a few more hours to complete the process if a power meter is required. Solar panel installers use five main steps to put up the panes on your roof:

  1. Prepping of the roof. This step involves ensuring that the roof tiles and shingles are correctly attached to the roof.
  2. Electrical wiring. The electrical wiring is used to connect the solar panels to the general power system.
  3. Racking. When the solar panel installer is done with the electrical wiring, they can place the racking that supports the actual solar panels. The rankings are the only equipment directly attached to the roof.
  4. Panel placement. After placing the racking, the installer puts up the solar panels.
  5. Connecting the inverters to the solar panels to convert the solar energy to electricity

Approval and Interconnection

The final stage in the solar panel installation process is flipping the switch to begin power generation from your roof. Before you start using your solar energy, a local government representative will visit your home to inspect the state and ensure that it meets the requirements. Therefore, choosing the right company is vital in ensuring that your project passes the government review.

Factors to consider when hiring an Oakmont Solar Panel Installation Company

Solar panels are effective in supplying energy for your home when installed in the correct size and style. Therefore, your choice of an Oakmont solar panel installation company can make a difference in the outcome of your solar panel installation project. The following are some of the factors you can consider when hiring a solar panel installation company:

Check Out the Company Reviews

One of the first things you need to look out for when considering working with a solar panel installation company is checking for their online reviews. The reviews give you a better idea of the experiences of individuals who have worked with them. However, you must not judge a contractor by a single negative comment. In addition to looking for reviews on the company website, you can check internet forums or inquire from friends who have worked with the company.

Request a Visit from the Company

Before selecting an Oakmont solar panel company, you must request. This gives you an overview of their working style. Additionally, the contractor can estimate the cost and duration needed to install your solar panels.

Accreditation and Licenses

For maximum benefit from a properly installed solar panel system, you must move forward with a licensed company to provide these services in the state. When you consult the Oakmont Solar Panel installer, you need to ask them about their documentation. A good company has not only the accreditation from the state but also the necessary insurance required for solar panel installation.

Make Cost Comparisons

Before you install solar panels in your home, you will have a budget allocated to the project. When deciding on the solar panel installer you want for the project, you must compare the costs of different companies. You can speak to several providers and ask for a budget estimate before you settle for the one that charges around your budget. However, companies that offer quotations lower than the market value or competition are likely to provide substandard services.

Contractors Experience

Installation of solar panels is expected to be a one-time project. Therefore, you want to settle with an Oakmont Solar Panel installation company offering quality services. Many people who claim to be solar panel installers are tradesmen who deal with the solar panels and other parts needed for the project. Before you give a company the go-ahead to start the project on your business or residential property, you must find out about their experience in the industry. You can do this by checking out their past projects.

Customer Support

In addition to ensuring that your team has the expertise needed to install the solar panels properly, you must find out the nature of their customer service. Having a friendly and available support team indicates that you will receive excellent services and that any problem you experience down the road will be handled correctly.

Find a Reliable Solar Panel Installation Company Near Me

The need for clean energy is inevitable in modern times. This is because the shift is beneficial and sustainable for current and future generations. There are numerous renewable and clean energy sources, with solar being the most common. Most people prefer this type of energy because it is cheap to install and could increase the value of your property. Solar energy is tapped using photovoltaic solar systems to enhance emery efficiency in the homes used.

Although installing solar panels in your home or business has numerous benefits, choosing an installation company is critical. At Sun Solar Electric, we have extensive experience and skills in installing both business and residential solar panels to ensure you achieve maximum benefit from this transition. If you need solar panel installation services in Oakmont, CA, contact us at 707-658-2157 today.

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