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Reasons for Choosing Solar Power for Your Home

February 29, 2020

In 2020 the California Building Standards Commission rule for new houses will go in to effect. This housing rule is the first of its kind in the United States and states solar panels will be required on new homes being built in California. An exemption to the rule will be allowed for houses that receive a lot of coverage or shading from the sun during the day.

Attached to the ruling is an incentive for residents to include a battery with high-capacity abilities to their home’s electric system. The battery will allow them to capture and store the sun’s energy. Kent Sasaki, the commissioner of building standards, states this is the beginning of substantial improvements in how energy is produced and the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. Some may not appreciate being told they have to install solar panels, but there are a lot of beneficial reasons to use solar power in your home.

Advantages of Choosing Solar Power for Your House

When it comes to using solar power for your home in California, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. These are some of many reasons why you should choose this form of energy for your house:

  • Protection Against Rising Prices

When you install a solar power system on your house, you are able to lock in a price for your energy costs for at least the twenty-five-year life of the panels. You will know how much energy the panels can produce, so once you have an accurate price quote, you will know exactly how much per kilowatt an hour your energy is going to cost over the next twenty-five years.

Your monthly savings do not start huge but are approximated to be around $50 a month, and by the time you reach the 25th year of having these panels, you will be looking at savings around the $300 mark.

  • Free Energy

One of the biggest advantages for consumers today when thinking about installing solar panels is the fact they will eventually have free energy. Once you have paid the capital cost of installation, your energy will be free. Solar payback and returns on investment have greatly improved in just the last three years. The reason for this gain is the falling costs of residential solar panels.

  • Friendly to the Environment

Using solar energy does not harm the environment. There be minimal emissions with the production and installation of solar energy equipment; these are no way near comparable to the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

A study conducted on energy payback showed it would take a solar panel a year-and-a-half to generate the amount of power it used in constructing it. The research was done back in 2009, so it is quite likely that the payback is even quicker now as panels are warranted to last twenty-five years.

  • Solar is a Renewable Energy Source

It is predicted by NASA that the sun is going to continue shining for approximately another 6.5 billion years. This prediction makes solar energy renewable as we do not have to worry about that many years out. The earth’s surface receives 120,000 terawatts of sunlight which is more than twenty-thousand times more power than it needs to supply the entire globe.

  • Electricity Costs are Reduced

Net metering and feed-in-tariff schemes are now allowing homeowners to sell their excess electricity. They can also receive bill credits for the times they produce more electricity than what their home is consuming. These savings allow homeowners to reduce the overall cost of electricity when they go with solar power.

In California, it is estimated homeowners will save $28,000 on average after twenty years by choosing solar power for their home. There are also solar finance options available with Solar PPA agreements and many zero down loan facilities.

  • Wide Geographical Area

The closer you live to the equator, the more solar irradiation you receive. This irradiation doesn’t affect solar energy though, as solar energy can be used anywhere. In the sunnier areas of the U.S., a solar system produces approximately 4.7 kWh of power per 1kilowatt of solar panels. In the areas with less sun, such as the mountains, it produces 2.9 kWh per kilowatt, each day.

  • Low Maintenance- No Noise

Solar power panels do not have moving parts; therefore there is no noise associated with their operation. Since they do not have moving parts, there is little to no maintenance with keeping these panels operating.

  • Community Solar Gardens

California now recognizes the benefits of community solar gardens. These gardens are the introduction of shared solar that homeowners are able to subscribe to and they provide residents with the ability to generate their own solar electricity without having solar panels on their roof.

This system stems from insufficient space or shading with many American homes. It allows everyone to benefit from solar energy.

  • Improved Technology

Technology is constantly advancing. The manufacture and design of solar equipment are continuously being improved and becoming more efficient in being able to convert solar energy into electricity. The amount of space required to generate a specific amount of power will also be falling.

  • Investment for Your Home

Solar panel systems are not only an excellent way to save on your utility costs, but they add significant value to your property. In California, for example, a small 3.1 kW solar system adds approximately  $18,000 or more to the value of a medium-sized house. A recent report showed how low-cost solar power in California was a prime reason to choose solar power for your home.

The solar system can add significant value to your home if you decide to sell, or it will pay for itself in the savings you receive in power bills before you move. In either scenario, solar power is a sound investment.

  • Solar Power Makes Other Secure Investment

Solar power can be a smart long-term investment, but it depends on a few factors. To determine if the system will be worth it for you, ask yourself a few questions. How much you are currently paying for electricity is the first consideration and varies a lot depending on where you live. Across the U.S. electricity costs can range from $0.08 per kWh to $0.20 per kWh.

By going solar, you install a mini power plant on your roof which will replace the power plant your electricity is coming from now. So, if you are paying high electricity rates, you will benefit much more than those paying less.

  • Solar Panels Last

Solar panels come with a twenty-five-year tiered manufacturer’s warranty. The solar racks, inverters, and installations generally carry ten-year warranties. These warranties mean your solar panels save you money and benefit the environment.

Why Choosing Solar Power for Your Home Makes Sense in California

Solar power is becoming increasingly popular in California; in fact, more solar energy was produced in California than any other state in recent years. The reason it makes sense to take advantage of solar power in this state is because of its climate. California provides ample solar irradiation throughout the year.

Another reason solar power works well in California is the public support it receives. This support shows in the increasing tax credits and financial incentives offered to individuals and businesses who incorporate rooftop solar panels on their home or business. The Renewable Portfolio Standard states a third of all California's electricity will have to come from renewable energy sources by the year 2020.

Additional reasons for choosing solar power for your home include being able to store the excess electricity you generate. Under the Public Utilities Code 2827, the Net Energy Metering Law, the amount of energy your system produces over a year is credited against the amount of energy you use. If your system creates precisely what your household uses, your bill for the year will be zero. If your system generates more then you consume, you do not get paid for the excess, but you can use the electricity grid as a battery to store your excess power when you do not need it, and then reclaim that power when you need it later.

Sun Solar Electric can introduce you to the most efficient and up to date solar power equipment on the market. We can show you how each component of a residential solar energy system will work for you and help you find the right system for your energy needs. It is important to make sure the system you choose is sized properly, so it is able to offset the power you consume and does not produce a net surplus of energy in the long run.

We will explain why your Main Service Electric Panel is essential and make sure it can accommodate the back feed from excess production. When the sunlight is available, an optimized system will generate more than your home can use. The excess will be fed to the grid through a breaker installed in your panel. This excess is measured and credited for its value and then weighed against your energy usage during non-productive solar generation times. This measurement is important and makes sizing for usage offset a critical part for you to achieve positive results strategy. The handling of excess energy is governed by the laws in California to discourage people from using state subsidies to go into the business of selling excess power they have generated.

At Sun Solar Electric we will ensure your panels are installed securely and you have the right number and right kind to meet your energy consumption needs. Solar cells and panels are more reliable and efficient then they were just a few years ago. You will appreciate how maintenance free they are and how attractive they will look on your roof. If you prefer they not be placed on your roof, we can discuss with you the option of a detached solar panel stand.

Being able to afford your solar energy equipment in full when you have it installed, eliminates your financing needs, but most people need to find an arrangement for financing their equipment. There are also arrangements that can be made to rent your equipment, but this prevents you from being eligible for tax credits or energy savings.

A good reason to own your solar equipment is it makes you entitled to a thirty-percent federal ITC (Investment Tax Credit) which is applied towards the value solar energy investments add to your property. You can claim this tax credit on your individual income tax return.

Another reason to own your system is it becomes part of your property and raises its value. This value provides you with direct benefits from energy savings, tax breaks, and equipment warranties. Should you decide to sell your property, the special tax credits and warranties that go along with your system will transfer to the new property owner. This benefit can make an excellent selling point for your property.

Sun Solar Electric can install your new solar energy panels and all other equipment after listening to what you have envisioned for this system. We will provide you with our expert advice, so you are able to make an informed decision on the best system to meet your needs. We can look at your property to determine where to install your system, so it provides the best energy conversion for your energy consumption. To determine this, it requires detailed knowledge of what can become viable solar energy and how much sun exposure your system will need to achieve what you need it to perform.

Sun Solar Electric knows the top reasons for choosing solar power for your home is to provide you with affordable, alternative energy which can save you money and help the environment. You will be able to protect the environment when you use sustainable, renewable energy sources.

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