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How to Save Money on Electricity

July 06, 2020

We all live lives that are power dependent. All our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and industries depend on electricity. It is unimaginable to live in a few hours of blackout. However, you don’t have to keep struggling with high electricity bills when you can save money on electricity. Sun Solar Electric is here to offer you solar power installation and services that could minimize your bills on electricity. Call us if you are seeking to switch to solar power, we serve the areas of Northern California and the Bay Area.

Why We Should Not Fully Rely On Hydroelectric Power and Nuclear Power

What happens when the world’s hydro-electric power and nuclear power sources fail? The world’s economy depends mainly on these volatile forms of power. However, these power sources (mainly nuclear) are highly volatile and may fall at any time.

It is also expensive to produce electricity from hydro-electric power and nuclear sources, as a lot of expensive technology is involved. The cost of power is then transferred to the general population as high electricity bills. Production of electricity should, therefore, shift to depend on solar power.

A Statistical Overview of Electric Bills in the Country

According to 2018 statistics, we spend on average $90.07 to $100.60 on electric bills monthly. In California, residents spent $80 to $100 on electric bills monthly.

This sums up to around $960 to $1200 annually. A big percentage of this amount is contributed by several electrical appliances used within homes.

This is actually expensive. Research has shown that almost 50% of Americans have problems with paying bills. 31% of Americans also face difficulty in paying electrical and energy bills. The figures further state that 79 million American citizens are behind on electricity bills.

Scientists and research specialists have estimated that the use of solar powered electricity will cut your electricity bill to roughly $30 a month. This is a staggering 87% decrease in utility bills.

Judging from this, it is not surprising that several households have started implementing the use of solar equipment. This comes after suggestions from economists, scientists, and environmental experts on the adaptation and the use of solar-powered systems.

The use of solar-powered electrical systems to power homes has been considered as the next advancement to be implemented. This goal aims to create affordable and quality electric power for standard Americans and aims to cut costs on energy bills.

6 Cost-Saving Benefits of Using a Solar Electrical System

  1. Solar energy is sufficient for everyone

The United States experiences sufficient solar radiation daily. The radiation is said by scientists to reach its peak during summer but still is adequate in winter. This implies that using solar power as a source of electricity will always ensure that there is enough electric supply at all times.

This is because it is a certain fact that the sun will always rise and therefore, solar radiation will always exist. Therefore, solar power has the capability of lasting forever.

  1. Solar power will chop your electric bill!

It’s a common fact that 2019 marks a year that is filled with technological embracement. Houses are loaded with multiple computers, huge chunks of electrical appliances, televisions, kitchen equipment, and home audio systems.

These appliances make our lives better and more comfortable. However, the appliances siphon out a vast chunk of electric power that then drills in on our electrical bills. This comfort we seek, therefore, deems expensive.

Fitting houses with solar power systems has been projected to cut the electricity bills by up to 80%. This implies that we use power in surplus, but we incur economic costs.

  1. Low maintenance costs

Solar power systems are built to withstand the harsh external environment. They rarely break down and require almost no attention after installation for years. Companies that deal in solar systems offer good warranty terms of ten to twenty years.

The systems are immobile and silent. They work quietly and don’t emit any form of noise disturbance to the environment. Since its structure is immobile, the whole system does not subject to wear and tear by friction. Occasionally, only the connecting wires may be replaced to restore the proper functioning of the system.

Solar power systems, therefore, do not incur users a lot of money in maintenance as compared to other forms of electricity.

  1. Unlimited and un-priced power

Solar system installers only charge on the panels during installation, and the period of the lease depends on the ownership agreements. After the period elapses, the owner has access to unlimited energy that is not subjected to any prices.

This is a plus! Solar investments can be considered as investments with guaranteed returns. The system can be reused for as long as it exists, hence, guaranteeing maximum profit to the owner (investor).

  1. Solar power is “green.”

Solar power gives out no emissions to the atmosphere. This implies that users access to healthy energy that has no impact on the individual or the environment. Adaptation of solar power is a virtue that will help attain environmental friendly homes.

  1. Solar power has diverse applications

Solar energy is easily used in lighting, heating, and automation of processes without much constraint. The use of solar lighting and heating can be easily integrated into a home setting. Homes can also be fitted with solar powered security lights that need no human control.

Technological advancements have also led to the development of solar powered appliances that are portable. These provide power on the go, such as power banks, backpacks, and lanterns. These solar devices can be used on road trips, journeys, or when going camping.

Getting Solar Power for Your Home

Owning a solar power system is a service that involves a simple process and is provided by several companies. The ownership rights are manifested in two packages:

  1. a) 3rd party ownership (renting or leasing)
  2. b) Direct ownership (cash buying)

3rd Party Ownership

This type of ownership procedure is manifested as a lease agreement. It has a structure that emulates a car leasing agreement. According to its principles, a 3rd party involved is the rightful owner of the system.

The 3rd party also has total control of the warranty terms and is responsible for meeting the 30% FED tax credited on investments. It’s considered as the cheapest and most affordable payment plan as buyers do not incur other costs of buying or taxes.

A user that opts for this type of ownership contract is expected to pay a cheaper bill that is mailed monthly to them. The manufacturer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the solar system. The monthly solar bill is cheaper than the normal utility bill that appreciates yearly with time.

During this period of the agreement, the buyer is not subjected to any tax increments since the property maintains its original value. The lease agreement may run for a period of up to ten years after which the buyer assumes full ownership of the solar system.

Direct Ownership

This type of ownership plan involves a buyer directly purchasing the system in cash or any payment system that is accepted by the buyer.

According to its principles, after purchase, the buyer is directly responsible for any tax liability that accrues from the purchase plus the 30% tax investment. In this case, the buyer may face increased tax as a result of added property value.

The buyer also attains the right to sell surplus electricity generated from the system back to the grid. Selling the surplus will provide you with extra dollars depending on the existing power exchange rates.

The terms of the warranty, however, remain provided by the company for the period indicated or as agreed in terms of sale.

This form of ownership agreement is not as economical as the 3rd party ownership agreement. Economists propose buying (direct buying) a solar system instead of renting (third party). You as a buyer still has the last choice of deciding on what ownership method you deem fit to partake.

The Structure of a Home Solar System

Typically, solar panels are placed on roofs. However, experts have developed ways to mount the panels on walls that face maximum sunlight. In another form of installation, the solar panels can be laid on the grass facing the sun’s direction. The panels can then be configured directly to power the lighting of the house or building.

The technicians can also install solar heaters that are then connected directly to the showers in the building. This saves on the cost of installing other heating equipment in the house. As part of the lighting, the technicians may also install solar-powered lights.

A backup generator is also installed that collects and stores surplus power for future consumption. For people who own electric cars, you can get a charging station installed for your own personal use.

As part of an advanced experiment, scientists have developed transparent solar panels that will be embedded in windows. This will advance the number of panels that can exist in a building. More panels installed imply more amount of electricity generated.

The technicians are also trained to install the panels in a way that delivers a stylish finish to the building. The installations also must comply with the specifications given by the buyer.

Why Using Solar Power Will Save You Money

Implementing the use of solar in businesses or the agricultural sectors will have nothing but good impacts on the business. If you introduce solar power in your business, it will impact it in the following ways:

  • Solar will cut down on your utility bill. In further use, solar-powered systems may even completely displace your utility bill.

With solar-powered systems, you invest in purchasing the system at a lower price. After a while, you reap the benefit of enjoying free energy that is warranted as per the company. This period may stretch up to twenty-five years.

During this time, you accrue your initial investment and gain further profit from the system. From this math, we can comfortably say that utility bills are nothing but losses as solar power exists.

  • Implementing the use of solar power in your company builds a good reputation. Your company will be considered amongst the companies that uphold environmental protection. A company with a good reputation is a company that makes a profit. It’s simple arithmetic, get solar power now, and witness profits for yourself.
  • The solar systems do not require much maintenance. Once installed, it can work perfectly for several years without requiring serious maintenance. The solar power system has only immobile parts; therefore, it rarely wears. The funds that were set aside to maintain the power system are therefore spent in building other parts of the organization.

In short, it has become a proven fact that solar power systems are radicalizing the electrical systems in many American homes. Adopting to a solar-powered home or business implies that you, as an individual, have contributed to a green environment.

Also, you will reap the benefit of saving more cash of your usual electric bill. Businesses that adapt to solar powered systems get the benefit of sizing down on losses and maximizing their profits. The business is also assured of having to use unlimited and un-priced electricity for as long as it stands.

I’m not one to fuss but, it sure is a proven fact that adapting to solar powered systems will only bring advantages to our lives. This system of power is cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to other electricity sources. What else is there to ask for?

Find A Solar Power System Company Near Me

In order to get quality service and installation of solar power systems, we advise that you seek the help of professionals. We at the Sun Solar Electric are highly experienced to provide these services to you. We provide all solar installation and electrical fitting services at affordable prices.

We serve the areas of Northern California and the Bay Area. We have experts round the clock waiting to serve you professionally. You can contact us through 707-658-2157 to get free advice or quotations. We also have customer care set up to answer all your questions. Call us today!

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