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How Going Solar Will Change Your Life

June 17, 2021

Going solar may seem like you have made a simple change to your home. However, the truth is upgrading to solar energy has a significant effect on several aspects of your life. In case you’re looking for ways of how you can upgrade or change your lifestyle, it’s time you think about solar installation. If you are looking to have solar power installed in your home in Northern California or the Bay Area, talk to us at Sun Solar Electric. Going solar means your life will change in the following ways and more.

You Enjoy Financial Rewards

Right after your home solar system turns on, you begin to generate electricity for yourself directly from the sunlight. When this happens, the most immediate and noticeable change it will bring to your life will be your home electricity bill— it will go down significantly.

The amount of money you’ll be saving on your monthly electricity bill varies based on factors like your system size, location, shade, weather, and utility rates. However, you can look at it this way: the more solar energy you generate, the less power you’ll need to purchase from your grid supplier.

 Although we cannot change other factors, we usually recommend that our customers install a large solar system to cover 100 percent of their needs. If you do this, you will be paying your minimum bill for electricity, which could be anywhere between five to twenty dollars based on your power usage.

From the very beginning, you could be saving hundreds of dollars every month. And based on the guidelines in your local area, your electricity company might credit you on your bills for the solar power they are using from your home.

Other financial rewards include:

You Won’t Experience More TOU (Time-of-Use) Rates

Installing a solar power system coupled with a home battery enables you to use your appliances whenever you want, not whenever electricity companies want. Because TOU rates are charged during diner, after work, and during peak hours, they could result in a higher electricity bill. That is utility surge pricing. If you can use power during the day or in the morning, you will likely pay less. You need to be able to power your home when it is convenient for you. With a home battery and solar panel, you’re in control. Excess energy will be stored in the battery, and you can use it whenever you need it the most.

Installing a Solar System Is a Stable Home Investment

Solar power does not only enable you to save a considerable amount of cash from your monthly electricity bill, but it is also an investment that increases your property value if you choose to put your home up for sale. As per The New York Times, research conducted by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California revealed that home buyers were willing to part with additional 15,000 dollars for a resident installed with an average-sized solar system.

Solar panels also prolong your house roof’s life since they protect it from elements like debris, snow, and rain. They make your house more energy-efficient during summer since the hot sun isn’t beating down on the roof directly—instead, it’s being absorbed by the solar panels, keeping the house temperature lower.

Solar Energy Can Make You Good Money

Most solar systems installed on residential properties are directly connected to the existing electrical grid, which provides an added advantage for you. For instance, you could sell the excess power back to the grid and make money. California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) also necessitates that electric suppliers secure a percentage of their electricity generators. 

This has led to the creation of Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) for each megawatt per hour of solar-generated energy. The connection of solar panels directly to the electrical grid also enables you to tap power from that grid when your system is not generating electricity, plus other advantages.

Solar Energy May Help You Afford That Home Improvement You Have Wished For

If you install a solar power system, you will have the chance to make other improvements to your home. For example, you can consider a hot tub or swimming pool with renewable power in mind. As per a report by the National Resource Defense Council, a pool owner pays $500 extra every year in electricity bills.

The Energy Cost for Solar Power is Fixed

Unlike electricity charges that are constantly falling or rising, the solar energy system cost remains constant. This enables you to plan early and efficiently on what amount you’ll spend on electricity for the month or year so that you can do other things comfortably.

Solar Systems Have Few Maintenance Requirements

Generally, a solar energy system does not need much maintenance. You only have to keep it relatively clean. Thus, cleaning it a few times a year does the job. If you doubt your cleaning, you can hire specialized cleaning services at a cheaper cost. The most reliable solar panel manufacturers give a twenty to twenty-five years warranty.

Additionally, solar panels don’t have any moving parts, so there’s no wear & tear. Usually, the inverter is the only part that requires changing after five to ten years since it continually works to convert solar power into heat and electricity. In addition to the inverter, cables also require maintenance to ensure your solar power system functions at maximum efficiency. Therefore, after paying your solar system’s initial cost, you can expect to spend very little on repair and maintenance work.

You Are Directly Helping or Benefiting the Environment

When you trap the plentiful, clean energy from the sun, you’re helping conserve the environment, which we know supports life on earth. Going solar will make your house more than just a home— it will become a small renewable power plant that is decreasing the number of dangerous emissions released to the air we breathe, which, in turn, reduces air pollution.

Since solar panels such as Sunpower are highly efficient, allowing you to generate up to 60% more energy in a similar space as conventional panels during the first twenty-five years, the impact of your helping the environment will be much significant sooner.

As opposed to energy sources like petroleum or petroleum by-products, the sun doesn’t produce any dangerous emissions that could harm the environment. A solar power system is also a silent producer of energy. It makes absolutely no noise when converting sunlight into usable energy. This means you will be helping reduce noise pollution.

Apart from decreasing the number of pollutants released into the air, by going solar, you will also be helping the environment in the following ways:

You’ll Reduce Water Usage

In case an energy source does not use fossil fuel to power itself, it probably utilizes water as the source. Both nuclear and hydropower energies use plenty of water for electricity generation. Usually, a dam has to be constructed to control electricity production and water flow.

With dams, there is the issue that damming water has a significant effect on the ecosystem. The solar panel system generates energy without using water or having an adverse effect on the environment. It could help reduce water consumption, which would help resolve the water scarcity problem.

Reducing Reliance On Nonrenewable Power Sources

You may be enjoying solar power because you like being green and energy independent. However, solar could also help cut your reliance on nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels, which is advantageous to the environment for several reasons.

Firstly, nonrenewable energy sources emit so many pollutants that adversely affect air quality. Secondly, sources are termed as so because they’ll, ultimately, run out. On the other hand, renewable energy sources will never run out, and they are friendly to the ecosystem and all the species.

Improving Mankind’s Health In The Long Run

Cleaner air has a positive impact on humanity’s health. This means that in the long run, you could be saving a person’s life that could have been terminated by dangerous chemicals emitted in the air because with clean air comes clean lungs.

Helping to Combat Climate Change

Lastly, there is the problem of change in the climate. Continually dumping pollutants and the additional carbon dioxide in the air affects the planet. It makes it more difficult for the ecosystem to clean the air. As the carbon level continues to rise, so does the retention of the heat from the sun. The changing air conditions continue to affect different climates, making some cool and others warm. This causes weather patterns to be more unexpected and volatile. Climatologists and scientists have experimented, researched, and created climate models, and there’s a consensus among them that people should use renewable energy to fight climate change.

Solar power is one way, among others, to prevent the impact of climate change. By using it, you’ll be ensuring the release of fewer pollutants into the air and the lowering of carbon dioxide emissions, and will be slowing down climate change.

You will Be a Role Model to Your Neighbors and Friends

Having Sun Solar Electric install a solar system for you is not only a means to save cash. It is also an indication of whatever you believe. If you go solar, you would have set a good example for family, neighbors, and friends. 

Your community and circle will see that you are using renewable power and doing a commendable thing for the ecosystem and the future. Sun Solar Electric installs the best solar panels available in the market, i.e., SunPower panels, since 100% of these panels’ direct current satisfies the harsh environmental standards because of what they’re made of.

This means you’ll not only be generating renewable power, but you’ll also be producing that power using solar panels made with recyclable or reusable material via a sustainable, friendly process. This is a life cycle you could be pleased with.

Going Solar Will Enable You to Help Others in Times of Need

We require energy to live our day-to-day lives, but we also need the energy to assist the less fortunate. Individuals throughout California use solar power to back up power outages due to storms, hurricanes, or any other natural disaster that can cause death and property loss.

Events such as wildfires, rising sea levels, hurricanes, floods, and hunger associated with environmental damage come with devastation. The costs related to climate change are increasing and include high food prices, destruction of property, rising medical care costs, etc. Wide-scale solar adoption may address the negative economic and societal impacts of nonrenewable fossil fuels.

You Can Enjoy Diverse Applications

You can use solar energy for various purposes.  You could generate heat or solar electricity. If you are in an area with no access to the energy grid, you can use solar power to generate electricity. Also, if you are in a region with limited clean water supplies, you can use solar power to distill water. For industrial use, solar power can also be used to power satellites in space and integrated into building materials.

Solar Energy Gives You the Chance of Being Ahead on the Curve

The future of energy is clean and renewable energy. In the days to come, renewable power will form most of the years’ additions to the power grids.

You Can Utilize Solar Power throughout the Day

Technically, solar power is produced from daylight, and not really from the sunlight. Thus, even when it’s rainy and cloudy, the solar panels will still be generating power. With stored energy, you will use electricity even during the night.

Contact Solar Power Installation Services Near Me

Is solar energy an ideal solution for your home or company? There is no doubt that you’ll benefit significantly after installing a solar system. If you’ve been thinking about going solar, talk to our skilled solar installation team from Sun Solar Electric. We will visit your home and hold a no-obligation, complimentary consultation so that you can learn about your solar options.

Contact us at 707-658-2157 to schedule your appointment and visitation. Given our many years of experience, we will always provide you with honest answers to your solar energy-related questions. We serve residents looking to have their houses or business premises installed with solar power systems in Northern California and the Bay area.

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