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Why You Should Switch to Solar

May 11, 2021

Homeowners and business people alike want to save  money when it comes to electric bills and, at the same time, take care of the environment. This could be possible if you invest in solar energy. Having a source of energy you could afford and use comfortably is one of the best investment decisions you can make. This article highlights the benefits that you will reap when you switch to solar energy. They include and are not limited to the following:

Your Energy Bills Will Reduce Significantly

If you live in a region that experiences significant sunshine, you generate more solar energy, which you could use to offset the grid power consumption. In most cases, your solar panels generate more power than you can use, and this ensures your bill reduces significantly, and sometimes you can eliminate it. When it is cloudy, you find that the power generated by solar panels is less when compared to sunny days. You can still power your home on solar energy but use the grid power for the utilities.

Enjoy Great Tax Incentives, Credits and Rebates

Did you know that installing a solar panel can pay you? You enjoy 30% money back on the total cost of installation and equipment for starters. You will receive this money back when you file your taxes as a federal income tax creditFor example, if you install a solar system that is worth $30,000, you save $10,000, which you could use on something else.

When you invest in a solar system, you pay less tax to the government. There are several tax incentives that you will be privy to once you decide to switch to solar energy. You need to combine all the tax incentives available to you like state rebates, local and other available solar energy credits like Solar Renewable energy credit.

Please take advantage of these tax rebates when they are readily available since tax laws change with changing economic trends. When you utilize all the available tax incentives, you will install a solar system being about 50 percent of the original cost.

Zero Cost of Production and Maintenance

With solar system installation, you will enjoy generous benefits with no production and maintenance costs. Solar energy does not require any external power supply to work. Once you invest in the initial cost of installation, there are no additional charges. You will find that most panels are under the manufacturers’ warranty.

You might look at the glass covering the solar panels and think that it would take a lot to maintain them, but the opposite is true. Even though the solar cells are fragile, shatterproof glass covering protects them, and they can withstand even hailstorms. When you buy solar panels, ensure you buy those made to withstand hail storms and your areas' climatic conditions.

No energy loss due to transportation

You will find some energy loss during the transportation and distribution of other forms of energy like the electric grid. These losses are not huge but may cause power outages in densely populated areas. This will significantly inconvenience you when the power performance doesn't meet your expectations. With a solar system in place, you will never suffer from these inconveniences as the distance between the solar panels and your consumption point is minimal, ensuring you always enjoy your system's efficiency.

Simple and Easy to Install

With a solar system, you will enjoy the benefits of installing it anywhere you want. Also, you can have it designed to utilize both horizontal and vertical space that is mostly not in use. This means that you could have a solar system installed in a small place, giving you the ability to upgrade to a larger scale later.

Reducing Environmental Degradation

When you use solar energy, you will be helping in the reduction of noise and air pollution. Solar power will indirectly affect the environment when you utilize it. You are, in essence, reducing the consumption of other energy sources that harm the environment.

Most energy sources emit a lot of carbon into the atmosphere, which is harmful to the environment. When you switch to solar energy, you contribute significantly to reducing carbon emission, which will benefit the environment in the long run. It is everyone's responsibility to leave the world a better place for future generations, and a reduction in carbon goes a long way in achieving this goal.

Solar energy is part of renewable energy, which helps in public health improvisation. When you replace other energy sources like fossils and natural gases with renewable energy like solar, you reduce mortality due to poor health.

Most sources of energy require water to operate, which leads to water pollution. With solar energy, which doesn't need water to run, you protect the environment from water pollution. You will find that most energy sources utilize water to cool them, but with solar energy, this water could be used for other purposes like irrigation during dry seasons.

Solar Installations Offer Job Creation

When installing solar panels is costly, think of the long term benefits of the process. If you apply for the readily available tax credits, you will install your system at a lower cost and create jobs. With job creation, your home area's economic status will increase, positively impacting the local population.

Solar energy has been on the frontline in creating jobs in the clean energy sector. With the current trends where most companies in the U.S are facing government budget cuts, there is a call to embrace clean energy production, which in turn will offer more job opportunities for most people.

Enjoy unlimited Continuous Energy Source

Because solar energy is an inexhaustible energy source drawn from the sun, its price does not change with changes in the market. Once you invest in the initial cost, you will enjoy a continuous supply of clean energy at no extra cost. You will always have power even during winter; the only thing you will need to consider is the equipment you will install. Ensure you install equipment that utilizes solar path modeling to endure incredible cold and still produce solar energy.

Great Return on Investment

You may start enjoying a return on your investment immediately after a solar installation when you make your payment upfront when you consider that the cost of installing the entire solar system is equivalent to a five-year saving plan in America. You can reduce this time by a half, which translates to more money in your bank, by paying the total solar installation cost upfront and applying for the available tax rebates.

With a solar investment, you will receive a payback on your investment over three and a half years. Most solar panels have a 10-year warranty and a lifespan of 25 years; this means that you will enjoy 20 years of credit plus free electricity. You can't have a better deal than this, where you attain your goal of enjoying economic freedom and being responsible socially. You will save both time and money immediately while enjoying a continuous solar supply!

Reduction of Electricity Grid Burden

Imagine being in a position to help ease the burden off of your electricity grid, and receive payment at the same time, cool isn't it? Well, if your solar panel is producing excess energy, you can feedback some of it to the local grid but ensure you understand your local net metering policies. You will find that any extra power you generate and are not using will directly go back into the grid, and you will receive payment in the form of credit set against your electricity use at night.

One advantage of solar energy is that you can generate power credits even when you are away from your home or business. If, for example, you are away from home on holidays, your electricity bill will still come, although it will be on the lower side since you are not using most of your home appliances.

Increase the value of your home

When you install a solar system, the value of your home goes up. If you decide to sell your home later, you will sell it at a higher value than other homes with similar characteristics. The United States Department of Energy conducted a study that shows that the home value for a property with a solar system has an added value of $15,000.

You will find that a solar panel will prolong your roof's lifespan since it will protect it against elements like snow, rain, and dust. A solar panel will also make your home energy efficient since it will protect the roof from direct sunlight during summer. The panels will absorb the heat instead of directly landing on the roof; this ensures that your house temperature remains low even when the heat is too much.

Provide a Resilient Power supply

Are you worried about the heavy snow and wind that always bring power lines down in your area? Well, worry no more; with the installation of solar panels at your place, you will still be enjoying power at the comfort of your home while the rest of the people are in darkness. Solar panels are built in a way that makes them resilient to adverse elements like lighting.

Sometimes you will find that the power lines are outdated, or the power grid is on its last legs. Most utility companies won't spend a lot of money on upgrading the power grid. An outdated power grid is prone to "brownouts" during summer months that will always inconvenience you. You can always depend on your solar system to consistently provide the energy you need when you need it.

Ease of Adaptation to Solar Energy

There are several sources of green energy like wind energy, geothermal energy, among others. You will find that generating these other green energy forms will require intensive capital and technology, which are not easily accessible to most people. On the other hand, solar power is readily available with both local and state governments' capital and technology incentives. With the availability of different solar-powered products, it has become easier to adapt to solar energy in the recent past.

Solar Energy Offer Diverse Uses

Did you know that you can diversify your solar uses to meet different applications in your home or business? With solar panels, you can generate photovoltaic, the regular electricity, or generate solar thermal that you can use for heat purposes. Solar energy is also used in areas experiencing water shortages are to distill water.

Solar Energy is more Affordable Compared to Other Forms of Energy

The average cost of producing solar energy went down from $10 per wattage in 2010 to the current $3.85 that most installers are currently charging. With this cost reduction, you will find it easier to switch to solar energy and continue enjoying the benefits.

Lower Carbon Emission 

It is estimated that over the next two decades, the rate of carbon emission will decrease with the increase in solar system installations. Studies show that you will offset around 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide in 20 years by installing a solar system at your home. This is equivalent to not driving your car for about 100,000 miles. If you want to reduce your carbon emission footprints, then using renewable energy like solar is the way to go!

Solar system Partnership

Sometimes, you may feel that the cost and hustle of installing a solar system are on the higher side. You can still utilize solar energy by forming a partnership with a third party who will shoulder the installation cost and own the system while charging you for the solar energy you will use. The cost of solar energy is much less when compared to what a utility company would charge you.

Improved Efficiency

Solar energy technology is rapidly growing, with the current efficiency rate ranging from 11-15 %. This percentage represents the amount of solar energy that is converted to electrical power for use. You can have the installation company increase your solar panels' efficiency by letting them make a clear decision on the design, positioning, construction, and installation angle. Your roof's pitch also plays a critical role when it comes to the efficiency of your solar system.

Your Location Doesn't Matter

Solar works anywhere in the world, even in Alaska, where solar resources are low. Your solar system can generate enough power supply within one hour of sunshine during summer, which will be enough for your home use, provided your appliances don't consume a lot of power.

Avoid Time of Use (TOU) Rates

You will find that most utility companies charge you Time of Use (TOU) rates during peak hours, including dinner time, and when you are at home relaxing after a hard day at work. This will lead to an increase in your utility bill. You can avoid these inconveniences by installing a solar system, which will allow you the convenience of using power when you need to and not when the utility company wants you to.

It would be best if you used power when convenient, without the fear of paying substantial utility bills later on. With a solar system, you have the freedom to use power when it is convenient for you, without digging deeper into your pockets.

Reduction of Greenhouse gases Emissions from Cars 

New cars contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere; these emissions are harmful to your health and the public. When you power your vehicle with a renewable energy source like a solar system, you will reduce greenhouse gas emissions leading to healthier lifestyles.

Secure Investment

When you invest in a solar system, your energy provider can offer you an estimate for the entire process. You will realize that solar energy prices are constant, unlike energy prices that fluctuate regularly. When installing a solar system, you are sure to have a constant energy price for at least two decades.

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