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Energy Saving Tips for Your Home

June 17, 2021

Are you wondering how you can save energy in your home? Do you plan on increasing your savings by making your home more energy efficient? If so, then you are at the right place. Making your home energy efficient is more than reducing energy consumption. It is more of knowing what appliances are using too much power and adopting new behaviors. With that in mind, use the following tips to help save energy in your home.

Adjust Your Behaviors at Home

You don't have to purchase energy-efficient products or install anything in your home if you can adjust some of the behaviors that are costing you energy. Some of these behaviors include turning off the lights and all the electric appliances when not in use.

Also, instead of using a dryer during the day to dry your clothes, take advantage of the sun and hang them outside. Open your curtains during the day and let natural light inside. If you like spending your time inside the house, spend time on the gazebo or the balcony.

You can read your favorite book or a magazine as you enjoy the natural light and the fresh air. Changing your behavior won't cost you much. It is one of the easiest and affordable means of energy-saving you can adopt.

Use Smart Power Strips

Purchasing a smart power strip for your home is a good and affordable way of saving energy. As you know, some devices still use energy even when not in use. Devices like TVs and computers consume energy when connected to a power supply, even when you do not use them. Using a power strip ensures that energy is not wasted on these devices.

Smart power strips are energy savers that reduce energy consumption by shutting down devices that are not in use or in standby mode. The strips are designed with different bells and whistles, but all have electrical outlets and circuitry. These basic components monitor energy consumption from different outlets then cut off power from that outlet if they go into standby mode. The outlets that are still in use stay on. 

The traditional power strips have only a power outlet, even though they can accommodate different devices. So, even when these devices are not in use, they will still consume energy.  Smart power strips detect when these devices are not in use and cut down the power.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs

If you are using halogen light bulbs, it’s about time you replace them with energy-saving light bulbs. Halogen bulbs consume too much energy, which raises your electricity bill. Switching from halogen bulbs to energy savers is an efficient way of lowering your electricity bill, especially if you rely on power both during the day and night. Even though the bulbs are costly, they shine brighter and conserve more energy, saving you money in the long run.

When purchasing an energy-saving light bulb, there are certain factors that you need to consider if your goal is to conserve energy in your home. The factors are:

Type of the bulb

The type of energy-saving bulb you choose will depend on where you want to place it. If it’s for home use, use either LED or CFL bulbs.

Lumen Value

Lumen output is one way you can know the brightness level of the bulb.

Use Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Worn-out windows or doors could be the reason why you are paying a huge sum of money for electricity bills. Consider replacing your single pane windows and doors with those that are energy efficient. According to the Department of Energy, you can save up to $45 a year when you use the energy-saving windows in your home.

Energy-efficient windows and doors can save the amount of energy consumed in your home by regulating the heated or cooled air from escaping. Their insulation capabilities save your home energy and, ultimately, electric bills.

The windows panes vary in terms of materials and style. The amount of energy saved by these window panes will depend on how well these materials work to stop heat and allow the flow of air and sunlight from passing through. The windows consist of two or three panes, which are sealed to form a single unit surrounded by a UPVC unit. The surrounding unit could also be made of wood or any other material.

Whether you are replacing the windows in your homes or installing them in new construction, it is important to have a professional do it for you. This is important since the windows and door panes come with a warranty that can be voided if not installed by a trained professional.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that measures and controls the temperatures in your home. A programmable thermostat is designed to adjust your home's temperature according to the preprogrammed settings already in place. 

It conserves energy by reducing the heating and cooling levels in your home. The traditional thermostat can conserve energy, but only when you operate them manually. So, in case you forget or if you are away from home, too much energy will be consumed.

The thermostat saves up to 30% of the electric bills in your homes but only when they are used correctly. The programmable thermostat saves you energy by learning your behaviors and adjusting accordingly. When you first start using the thermostat, it records the temperatures at a certain time, during the day and night. Once it has marked these temperatures and the time, the thermostat will adjust according to your settings. So there won't be any need for you to adjust them manually.

Also, the thermostat monitors how much energy you use each day. It will monitor the energy and save the data. It can even tell you the cost of the energy you have consumed. The information you receive from the thermostat will help you make a smart decision concerning energy consumption in your home.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

You can replace all the appliances in your home with those that are energy efficient. Energy-efficient appliances can save you a lot of money each year, particularly if you have a large family. When you search for an energy-efficient appliance, it is important to remember manufacturers claim that their appliances are energy efficient when they are not.

It is important to note that only appliances with the Energy Star rating have energy efficiency standards. So when shopping for home appliances, it is important to go for those with the "Energy Star" symbol.

Energy-efficient appliances range from a dehumidifier to refrigerators and other home appliances.  They are designed to use a low amount of energy when turned on. Even if you use them 24/7, the amount of energy consumed will be lower.

Besides saving you energy and money, these appliances are also environmentally friendly. They will help in the minimization of exploitation of naturals resources. The appliances reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, thereby reducing global warming.

Minimize Your Water Heating Uses

Though the amount of energy consumed by a water heater is dependent on different variables such as type, age of the device, among others, it is important to note that water heaters, in general, consume a lot of energy. 

When considering between gas and electric, choose gas because natural gas is affordable. However, the amount of energy consumed by gas heaters depends on the heater's energy factor rating. If it has a higher energy rating, then it is much better at reducing energy consumption.

If you are using a tankless water heater, your energy consumption is not much compared to using a tank with a reservoir. A tank with a reservoir uses more energy to heat the stored water, while a tankless only heats water on demand. So if you have a large family, the amount of energy used by the tankless heaters will be higher.

This energy will also increase depending on how many times you use hot water. However, there is a way you can reduce the amount of energy consumed even when using tankless heaters. Some of these ways include:

  • Set the thermostat to 120 degrees instead of 140 degrees, which most people have set in their homes. You will realize that much energy will be saved at 120 degrees by the end of the day.
  • Reduce the time spent in the shower. As you know, much energy is consumed when water is being heated, which occurs mostly when the water is in use. So by reducing time spent in the shower, you will be conserving energy.
  • Low flow faucet. Low flow faucets reduce the amount of water flowing through this then reduces energy consumed when the water is in use. Also, consider installing low flow showerheads.

Seal Gaps and Holes

Gaps and holes in your homes are among the major contributors to heat loss. Some of the areas  prone to holes and gaps in your home are the windows, doors, ceiling, and vents. A good solution to this is sealing them using weather strips or sealing glue. Sealing the cracks or holes is not a big task; you can make it a DIY project and save money, which you would have spent hiring a professional.

The gaps and cracks allow heated or cooled air to pass through, which means you will use more energy to heat your home to replace the lost heat hence a higher heating bill. This is why sealing them will help minimize the heating bill and save the amount of energy consumed.

Before fixing these gaps and holes, you need to locate them. Check between the door and the frame or the window and the frame. You can also check on the walls and the floors. Once you have located them, clean them properly to remove dirt and debris.

If you use water, ensure to dry the area first before applying the weather-stripping tape or the green glue. Weather-stripping tape and green glue are easily available on Amazon at an affordable price.

Upgrade the HVAC in Your Home

The heating and cooling system in your home is responsible for almost 50% of the energy consumed. The amount of energy consumed by an HVAC system depends on the age of the system. The older it is, the higher energy consumption. So if you have an older version of the HVAC system, you should upgrade it to minimize your home's energy consumption.

Installing Solar Panels for the Home

According to credible sources, 12.3 million Americans had 64.2 GW of solar panels installed in their homes by December 2018. This number is set to increase considering the large number of people who realize that solar panels save energy.

If you are relying on electricity completely for your home use, consider switching to solar panels. Solar panels draw energy from the sun then use it to make electricity, which powers your home during the day and even at night. Energy is stored in battery backups for use at night.

Solar panels have a minimum warranty of 25 years or more. This means that once you purchase them, you can expect to conserve energy for a long period. When you search solar panels, make sure you go for Monocrystalline solar panels as they save more energy than the others.

Find a Solar Energy Installation Service Near Me

When considering saving energy in your home, there are several tips you can consider. However, the above tips are some of the best tips that could help you save energy, money and even reduce global warming. Some of the above tips are pretty easy to implement on your own, however for others, like installing solar panels, you will need a professional to help you do it. Contact us at 707-658-2157 for solar-panels installation services in your Northen California home.

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