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Our Bay Area is one of the leading regions for the steady increase of Electric Vehicles-we are certified for Tesla, Clipper Creek, and are up to date on incoming new entries for your EV Charger installation. Homes, Condominiums, and Commercial properties.

When Stephen P learned SSE is the recommended installer for Tesla Car Chargers in Sonoma County, he called us for an appointment, in preparation for his soon to be delivered car extraordinaire.

We arrived to an impressive home in an impressive neighborhood. Yet, we weren't anticipating Mr. P's impressive readiness to clearly direct what he wanted done, and how our finished work should appear!

We are normally prepared to consult, and help our clients decide how best to help them.

Mr. P had a firmly conceived plan in mind.

In short, he wanted his High Powered Wall Connector on the side wall of his garage-and wanted no visible conduit from outside or in garage.

In addition, he wanted a seamless integration of our wiring with his existing house and solar wiring.

Our first major challenge arose with the discovery that someone else' work before us was less than it should have been-wiring, hardware, and junction boxes that were non-compliant.

When we pointed this out to Mr. P, he did not hesitate to state he wanted everything to be corrected - with the final result to be exactly as he'd first directed.

We set upon our task, which added a few more hours than either party had anticipated.

The pleasant and detail attentive Mr. P did progress checks every 20 minutes or so, and walked away content and happily surprised each time-sometimes inspiring changes in his plan preferences!

When he inspected our final work, he stated we'd exceeded his expectations.

Pictured here is Mr. P's “floating” wall mount, with no wiring conduit visible:

And, in the discreet area behind it, a clean conduit job done correctly:

Finally, the fully integrated electric junction:

We left that job feeling appreciated-our client definitely noticed the attention we apply to the all important detail that is so important. Part of our effort is to pursue an aesthetic with efficiency.

We care about form and function in our finished work.

It always feels good to get emailed a note like this from a busy person:

Hi Jayson,

"I want to say what a great job your guys did for me installing my Tesla wall connector a couple of weeks ago. They made the result of the install as good as I hoped for, if not better. They wore shoe covers in our house, which we do appreciate. They got the job done the way we discussed, and adapted to my last minute changes without compromising the quality of the job. So again, I would like to thank you and your team at Sun Solar Electric for doing such a great job for me."


Stephen Pilling

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