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Home Battery Storage Systems

At Sun Solar Electric, we not only install solar panels and accompanying solar power production equipment, we can also install home battery storage systems so you can store your solar power and use it all day long at your own convenience.

There are many options when it comes to how you channel and reap the benefits of your solar energy production, and we at Sun Solar Electric can help you understand the benefits of each approach so you can make a fully informed decision. And we can handle all aspects and every step of the installation process, including any upgrades you may need to your home electrical panel or grid.

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Deciding to Install a Solar Home Battery Storage System

Once you have a functioning solar system at your home or business property, you naturally want to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit out of it (and reducing your carbon footprint to the bare minimum). 

One way to accomplish optimal solar power efficiency is via a home battery storage system. 

However, batteries are not the only option, and they're not best in every situation. For example, if you can get more value out of your solar energy via a net metering agreement with your provider (where you sell back solar energy to your provider at retail rates), you may not need a battery system. However, if your electric company only buys back that energy at reduced or wholesale rates or simply does not offer net metering at all, a battery storage system is essential.

In some cases, you could switch electric companies to solve the problem, but that isn't always an option since some regions have limited choices of power providers.

However, there are also situations where even with a great net metering plan, you would still save by using a solar battery. First, if your electric company has time of use rates that spike the charges at peak usage times (especially during the hot summer months when AC units are putting a lot of pressure on the electric grid), energy storage and timed-release can benefit you. 

You can store up solar power from non-peak hours and then run your home off the battery during peak hours to have a bigger impact on shrinking your electric bill. 

Secondly, some electric companies have "demand charges" that charge you so much based on reaching certain usage thresholds (during peak hours or on a monthly basis). Use solar batteries to keep yourself under the nearest "price-hike threshold" to save big.

Finally, we can name at least one other really good reason to install a solar battery system at you home: it can be used as a backup power source during a brownout. Skipping blackouts is in itself a huge advantage, especially for isolated rural residents and for businesses that want to avoid costly downtime.

And one more thought: it is worthwhile to ensure today that your solar PV system has a proper inverter and other necessary equipment, in case you want to quickly and cheaply add solar batteries sometime in the future.

Elements to Consider in Selecting Your Solar Battery Storage System

Once you've decided that a home battery storage system is right for you, the next step is to decide which one is right for you. At Sun Solar Electric, we can decipher to you all the complexities of solar battery specs and accompanying equipment and give you a simple summary of the advantages of each option.

Battery Capacity

The number one factor, perhaps, that will be important to you in choosing your batteries, is the issue of capacity (power storage ability in kWh).

Now, you can usually "stack" solar energy storage batteries, meaning connect more than one battery into a single "pack" that will "pack" a bigger punch. That means two things: you can store very large amounts of energy if you buy enough of the right kind of batteries and you can gradually increase your storage capabilities over time, rather than buying it all at once.

But still, the capacity of each battery unit is important. You want to use as few batteries as possible to accomplish your goals.

Power Rating

Capacity is a matter of how much power can be stored, but power rating tells you how much power in kW can be used at any given moment.

If you are going to be using a lot of electricity in a short period of time, you need a high power rating. But if you are going to use small amounts continually for a long period of time, a lower power rating but with a high capacity might be a better choice.

Depth of Discharge

Depth of discharge is the maximum amount of a battery's total capacity that can be safely used before it is drained to the point that the battery's lifespan will be shortened as a result.

In other words, you can't drain your solar battery down to empty. The chemical makeup of the battery "won't like that." You will be hurting your batteries so that they could give you lower performance going forward and quit on you sooner, forcing you to replace them before you should have to.

A 90% depth of discharge might give you more usable energy than a 75% depth of discharge on a battery with more total capacity, depending on the math.

Round Trip Efficiency

Another way to measure the usefulness of your stored solar energy is in "round trip efficiency." This metric tells you what percentage of your usable kWh come back to you after each trip.

So, for example, it could be 90% or 80%, and a higher number means you get more "life" out of your charge and save more money.

Battery Life

Over time, any battery you buy is going to lose its energy storage capacity. Its daily cycle of charge up and drain down will get shorter and shorter, just like a cell phone battery.

Thus, you want a battery that will lose performance as slowly as possible and that has a warranty corresponding to its reasonably expected years of usefulness.

Choosing a Solar Battery Manufacturer

Unlike in the past, today, there are many different manufacturers of solar batteries and other home battery storage system components to choose from. In part, that's a blessing because it increases competition and drives down costs.

But it also makes it more difficult for the uninitiated to sort through the now-complex market and find the best. At Sun Solar Electric, we can guide you in evaluating the manufacturers. We know who has been around and has a solid reputation for quality workmanship and long durability. We know which companies are untested, new startups. 

We also are familiar with which solar battery equipment manufacturers are living on the cutting edge of new technologies and which are a bit behind the times.

Thus, we can help you sort out your options and find the one that works best for you.

The Solar Battery & Electric Car Connection

A somewhat recent development is the invasion of the home battery storage market by the makers of various electric automobiles. But the reason is easy to see: electric cars already utilize powerful batteries and sometimes have a "solar connection" as well.

And electric car companies also manufacture accompanying EVSE at-home car charging stations, which gives them yet another easy path into the solar battery system market.

If you have an electric vehicle and want to set it up to charge off of a solar-powered EVSE, it might be smart to go with the same company for car, EVSE, and solar battery storage components. And we at Sun Solar Electric can help you install both the EVSE charge station and the battery-equipped solar system. Plus, we can upgrade your home electric system as needed to accommodate all of this equipment.

Reducing Your Energy Costs and Carbon Footprint to a Minimum

When choosing a solar battery storage system, you can't get around considering the cost. But note that the cost of the batteries themselves are only a part of the total costs. There are also AC-DC inverters and other equipment. And the installation process is another part of the total expense.

But besides just the raw dollar amount, you also have to think about the cost per kWh of capacity. That's a truer measure of cost versus value.

Finally, realize that setting up an off grid battery storage and usage system versus on grid is an added expense. But in some cases, it's worth it.

The cost of solar power and batteries and all related equipment has definitely come down substantially in recent years, and should continue to sink as solar energy gets more and more common and more and more practical. 

Better solar panels and battery storage, better solar panels, and smarter hook-up and usage strategies will save you money on your power bill. And you can also qualify for federal investment tax credits (including for solar battery installation) and other state and local incentives to bring down energy costs.

And don't overlook installing smart thermostats and water heaters that take advantage of off-peak power rates and other similar technologies you can combine with your solar system to save even more.

It will certainly require a substantial investment to ultimately save big and shrink your carbon footprint, but it pays off. And at Sun Solar Electric, most of our clients own their own solar systems within 5 years of installation. That means they save money for decades since solar panels last for 25 years or longer.

Installing home battery storage systems is one among many components to an overall plan to boost your usage of renewable, sustainable energy sources and to save money at the same time.

Why Choose Sun Solar Electric?

We at Sun Solar Electric are the premier providers of solar energy product installation and related services in Sonoma, California, and the surrounding areas.

We have earned a solid reputation in the region for quality workmanship and top-tier customer service. We always put ourselves in the shoes of the customer and act is his/her best interests.

Over the years, we have greatly advanced the cause of solar energy in local homes and businesses, saving residents countless dollars and shrinking our collective carbon footprint. We are committed to both the Earth and the community and are always on top of the latest technological advances that will be of benefit to both.

Our policy is to give you a free consultation on your solar energy and related needs and to give you a free, no-obligation (accurate) upfront quote. We also help you finance your project and help you to buy and own all solar equipment on your property as soon as possible.

We know how to get you approved for all applicable rebates, incentives, and tax credits that will reduce your costs. And we are always available to assist you with maintenance, repairs, or desired solar system upgrades down the road.

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