Contractors License

(C-10) #880150

Ken B - Santa Rosa, CA

As a retired biology teacher living with challenging medical problems, I called a friend to share my concern about paying out a substantial sum to the representative of a company I thought trustworthy. His “free inspection” stated I had faulty electrical panels. The work had not yet been done. My friend thought the prices were very high, and suggested I also speak with Sun Solar Electric, who he knew to be very good and very fair.

My friend called them for me, and Michael Meyer, one of the owners, actually came out himself. I wondered what he might charge. After very thorough inspection of my electric panels, he informed me they were safe, fully functional, and I should get my money back. He had his assistant call the other company, and with a firm conversation, made sure they gave my money back to me.

Sun Solar Electric did not charge me a dime for their time-and saved me thousands of dollars! I am extremely grateful for the honesty and human concern I was shown by Mr. Meyer. SSE has the integrity I want- and that I want to recommend!

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