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How Solar Panels Work

September 19, 2018

It's only natural for anyone considering installing solar panels on their property to be interested in learning how exactly solar panels and a complete "solar system" works. The science behind solar power is extremely complicated, but anyone can understand the basics of how solar works if they...

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NET Energy METERING Agreement (NEMA)

July 03, 2018

At Sun Solar Electric, we are fully equipped to assist you in saving as much as possible on your monthly electric bill, including via helping you qualify for a California Net Energy Metering Agreement (NEMA). If you have already installed solar panels or other sustainable energy generating...

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Green Tech Added To Winery Rich With Tradition

June 06, 2018

At Sun Solar Electric, we are proud to serve our Bay Area community’s residents and businesses. So many here are making unique cultural signatures, helping define the beauty and forward leadership Northern California shows the world. Based in Sonoma County, we are keenly aware we are in one of...

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Solar Power Pricing In The Bay Area And Information On Cost

May 21, 2018

Solar Power Information and Pricing More Americans are enjoying the advantages of renewable solar energy now more than ever with the falling price of solar cells brought upon by their mass production in the United States and China. The falling prices for solar energy panels will continue to drop...

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