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The Future of Solar Energy

August 19, 2019

Growing concerns about saving the planet means the future of energy is leaning towards renewable energy sources like solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass, and hydroelectric power. BP (formerly the British Petroleum Company) surmises that by 2040, the global energy system will be...

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How to Save Money on Electricity

July 22, 2019

We all live lives that are power dependent. All our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and industries depend on electricity. It is unimaginable to live in a few hours of blackout. However, you don’t have to keep struggling with high electricity bills when you can save money on electricity. Sun...

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Solar Power Cost vs Regular Electricity Cost

June 24, 2019

In this age, people are almost entirely dependent on electricity. Electricity powers a majority of systems in residential and commercial settings. Solar power is a promising source of energy that has gained considerable popularity thanks to its cost-cutting ability and environmental-friendly...

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Reasons for Choosing Solar Power for Your Home

April 29, 2019

In 2020 the California Building Standards Commission rule for new houses will go in to effect. This housing rule is the first of its kind in the United States and states solar panels will be required on new homes being built in California. An exemption to the rule will be allowed for houses that...

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